Prince Harry, Meghan and the Queen’s approval


By now, the entire world is aware of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage. It is nothing short of a fairytale story, something that everyone dreams of. The marriage is on the cards now and preparations are on a full swing. Have you wondered how did the queen approve of it? Read on.

It was during that time when Meghan had to meet Queen Elizabeth. While Prince Harry was anxious, they say the meeting turned out to be much better than expected. It was at the meeting when the engagement rumors started to do the rounds. Prince Harry jokingly said about how Meghan was supposed to get approval by the corgis too. The actress says that the corgi stayed at her feet throughout the meeting. Meghan Markle shares that meeting the monarch was incredible. She felt a deep understanding towards her and definitely developed massive respect.

Like any other relationship, Meghan and Harry did go out and tried knowing each other. The had their share of intimate meetings and secluded setups. Since both of them were public figures, they had to keep their privacy to themselves. They rather went out for cozy nights, did cooking together, and did a lot of things that kept them happy and in love. As a matter of fact, Harry recommended people to go for lesser dates and spend more time with each other.

Some of the most interesting things that came in the limelight were:

Flowers: Prince Harry didn’t forget to deliver Meghan’s favorite flowers Peonies. This was indeed a testament to a man’s class.

Bracelets: Both Harry and Meghan were spotted wearing matching bracelets which definitely gave a lot of fuel to their budding relationship.

Botswana Trip – With their blossoming romance, both decided to go for Botswana trip. It is said that both celebrated Meghan’s 36th birthday.

Mini Cooper: Prince Harry’s favorite movie is ‘The Italian Job’ and that is where he spotted Mini. He gifted a posh Mini Cooper to his lady love that cost him whopping £31,000.

The love has been blossoming ever since. May the love between the two grows stronger than ever.