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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
By: Pastor Attie van Nel “The Church has always been an integral part of the ANC” The church is an integral part only of the Kingdom. The church was never designed to be embedded in and captured by either political, imperial power or capital. A clear reading of the ministry of Jesus was to identify inequality where it existed and confront it...
By: Carl Niehaus As I was coming from a January 8th celebration event on Wednesday, a young man that got into the lift with me at my apartment building, responding to my ANC golf shirt and cap, called me “Mr. Money Bags”. Intrigued, but also somewhat irritated, I asked him why he called me like that. Oh, he said, but...
By: Clyde Ramalaine As the ANC celebrates 108 years of existence as expected we will hear its president and leaders in public spaces repeat the rhetoric of calls for unity. The gatherings and walkabouts in Kimberley, Northern Cape this weekend will intermittently be known for calls of unity.  From the famous Big Hole will be heard echoes of calls for...
By: Clyde Ramalaine A Diplomacy that systemically  is premised on an enemy-terrorist diaphragm Recently impeached Donald J. Trump the 45th president of the USA on Friday joined the long list of American presidents that fits the description of a group of war-presidents. Let us also not be fooled to assume that the list is only defined in colours of red American...
By: Hadebe Hadebe At an event that took place sometime late in 2019, former president Thabo Mbeki gave a response on the policy choices and lessons learned while he was the South African head of state. He said that when it comes to mistakes made, they (his administration) learned that a policy that works in another jurisdiction may not necessarily...
By: Clyde Ramalaine The last few years of our sojourn has seen jolts of threats of a claimed State-led plan of regulating faith-life in South Africa. There is little doubt that what I dubbed a campaign against independent Pentecostal churches did not come about automatically or organically but is an orchestrated action that has specific role players defined political and...
By: Clyde Ramalaine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the current Roman Catholic Church Pontiff Francis, recently apologised for what is widely publicised as him slapping a woman’s hand to free him from her jerk and grip as he was greeting bystanders in St. Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve. We know that the incident occurred as he was making his way to the Nativity...
By: Hadebe Hadebe Corporate South Africa is perhaps the most powerful 'entity' in the post apartheid South Africa. Some people argue that it has more power than it had during apartheid. Professor Roger Southall of the University of Witwatersrand traces this rather bizarre state of affairs from the decision of the African National Congress (ANC) to present itself “as a...
By: Clyde Ramalaine Throughout time those who write history have always attempted to also manage it. I thought of this as I tried to make sense of the  March 26, 2018 Spanish EL Pais Newspaper interview of former President of the ANC and SA Thabo M. Mbeki. This interview like all others in our polarized political inspired by economic interest...
By: Chris Landsberg As a student of politics and diplomacy I have always been fascinated with coups de’ tat in Africa. This should not be taken to mean that one is a supporter of such putschits; just that I have been following them with keen interest to learn and try and understand them. Two such coups have interest me lately: the...


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