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Thursday, July 18, 2019
By: Carl Niehaus One of the most basic characteristics of effective propaganda is to hide the true intentions of what those who advance it want to achieve. Effective propaganda plugs into the most basic of human emotions, tapping from the broad spectrum of emotions swinging between the two extremes of love and hate. With hate, for purposes of propaganda, being the strongest emotion to tap...
This week, it was revealed that $110billion (R1.63 trillion) is leaving South African shores, courtesy of African tech giant Naspers, which is listing a significant portion of its business on a European bourse. Does this make a complete mockery of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s drive to attract foreign direct investment to boost economic growth in the country? In the next month or...
Phapano Pasha It is not enough to dismiss or celebrate the arguments made by Minister Tito Mboweni and Enoch Godongwane on The independence of The South African Reserve Bank (SARB), we must equally ask Why such passion because their arguments are not innocent? South Africa is caught in a debt trap and we don’t know the commitments that National Treasury has...
JOHANNESBURG – It is obvious that Africa and South Africa do not participate in the $498 billion (R7.2 trillion) global value chain of semiconductor manufacturing. The US semiconductor industry is a worldwide industry leader that controls about half of the global market share through sales of $209bn in 2018. It directly employs 250 000 people in the US and supports...
Clyde Ramalaine The name Ahmed Kathrada is not unknown. It is impossible to talk of Nelson Mandela or the group of Rivonia Trialists and omit Ahmed Kathrada. The former Robben Islander, also affectionately referred to as ‘Uncle Kathy’ has rightfully earned his revered place in South Africa’s liberation history. In later years his Lenasia-based Foundation identifies the central focus of...
Clyde Ramalaine South Africa's next cabinet will shortly be announced. We have heard diverse groups seeking to influence if not dictate what the next cabinet should look like. The SA constitution is emphatically clear when it states the appointing of a cabinet is the prerogative of the elected president.  Notwithstanding the clear dictate of the constitution, South Africa is and remains...
By: Paul Ngobeni CAN JUSTICE BE DONE AMID EFFORTS TO INTIMIDATE AND REMOVE OUR PUBLIC PROTECTOR?   The Vrede/Estina Dairy Project judgment that Public Protector failed in her duties to investigate and report on the Vrede dairy project in the Free State will forever live in infamy. Without a doubt, our country is blessed with an extraordinary group of dedicated judges...
Prof Sipho Seepe  National and regional elections in a proportional voting system are about gauging the depth of common and overlapping sentiments among voters. For example, the economy has been a central but ideologically contested issue; so too was the corruption and more importantly, whether the legal standards of corruption allegations, investigations or sanctions are appropriate. The record number of political...
By Carl Niehaus The PR system favors parties like the EFF. In terms of the of the number votes brought out for the EFF they have not really grown that much... So far they have only gotten plus minus a 100 000 votes more than in the 2014 elections, but this has translated into almost doubling their percentage of the...
Clyde Ramalaine  Is Ramaphosa really in control of the ANC?  On a wintry morning of May 8, 22000 bar five voting stations opened to grant South Africans their democratic franchise to participate in a sixth national election. With voting stations closed and counting underway, we have just entered the post-election period. The pre-voting election manifold polls showed schizophrenic differences in anticipated...


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