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Friday, July 30, 2021
By: Lindiwe Sisulu President Mbeki, our sincerest gratitude to you for availing yourself to provide the university community and us your perspective and insights. It is perhaps also a historical one that we together celebrate in conscious reflection on our leader Walter Sisulu. I am confident the student community will be seized with the analysis of your speech plausibly for...
By: Clyde Ramalaine When we stand here today summoned by the inevitability of death and the prodigious call of a father, brother, cousin, grandfather, a neighbour, a theologian, cadre and colleague, we must not forget that Reverend Hendrik van Wyk was a complete human. He was  also a lifelong activist, a veteran in his own right since he fought for...
By: Ace Magashule* The great 15th century British poet, John Donne, wrote in the first two lines of his most famous sonnet ‘Death Be Not Proud’:  “Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not soe” President Kenneth Kaunda loved the sonnets of Donne, and he could - probably from his days as a...
By: Thami ka Plaatjie “In 1960 I went to prison with my peers, in the 1964 I went to prison with my children , now in 1976 I am going to prison with my grand children." Uncle Zephaniah Mothopeng stated in his valedictory address to his friends at the conclusion of the Bethal 18 Treason Trail in 1978 where was...
By: Carl Niehaus* Today, 45 years ago young people in Soweto and throughout South Africa, courageously rose up against the imposition of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction, and against the oppressive apartheid regime in general. Young people who had no weapons, except for their own fragile bodies and their unyielding and irrepresible will to be free from racist oppression,...
By: Arthur van Nel The legitimacy of any government is not singularly derived from its ascend to power by democratic means, pursuant to free and fair elections. Its legitimacy must also have a foundation in how it discharges that power, once attained. Spontaneous public revolts - a litany of which were unled- in our contemporary history the world over, is replete...
By: Clyde Ramalaine In part one of this series,  we attempted to give the historical context for a claim of arguably the most significant financial and economic crime committed in the last 30 years of South Africa. An offence for the complicity of apartheid and democratic era role players. Injustice for the Surtie family, who since 1984 is fighting to...
Dear Comrade Thabo Mbeki History has no blank spaces; any attempt at managing it confirms a need to hide something. Over the last few weeks coming into a month, I, out of respect for the African National Congress and its leadership throughout its 109-year, history has resisted the temptation to entertain the venomous personal attacks from among others Former President Mbeki,...
By Thandi Cele* “Charity begins at home”. As a woman who survived severe physical and mental abuse for years at the hands of my abusive, self-absorbed and narcissistic partner, this phrase always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I know how difficult it was for me to finally realise that in my case this was not true, and how...
By: Clyde Ramalaine The Women's League should be categorically clear that its candidate is contesting for the Presidency, not the deputy presidency of a male-led ANC. Despite its formation in 1912, the ANC remained an exclusively male organisation since it was only in 1943 that it accepted women.  The history of the Women's League traces its genesis to a predecessor organisation,...


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