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Monday, July 6, 2020
By: St Albans Correctional Centre Inmates We are calling President Ramaphosa to give us answers regarding our safety as St Albans Correctional Centre inmates who are serving sentences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The constitution of our country clearly states that as prisoners, we have the right to safe custody, shelter, food and healthcare. As St Albans prisoners we have a...
By: Kgoši Maepa Today is another special day! Let me send warm words to one of the finest African of our generation on his 78th birthday (June 18, 1942). I am talking about the President of the African National Congress (1997-2007) and the Republic of South Africa (1999-2008), uTata Thabo Mbeki. I must immediately indicate upfront that uTata Cde Thabo Mbeki is...
By: Phatse Justice Piitso Even in the midst of the disastrous pandemic of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump and his cohort, have demonstrated their determination to undermine the territorial integrity, and the independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. But we the people of the world, and the African people in particular, take inspiration from this great nation of Simon...
By: Hadebe Hadebe Each day there is a talk about how South Africa can grow its economy. This is even more topical as a result of the coronavirus fallout continues to keep the economy in a worst state it could have ever be. Thus, the focus is on the new economy that needs to be developed in the post-COVID phase....
By: Clyde Ramalaine -Black lives will never matter where white interest is defended at all costs - President Cyril Ramaphosa since his March 24th announcement of an impending announcement appeared before South Africa in the life a COVID-19 lockdown at least five times. During each of these addresses, the President never entertained any questions on anything he pronounced on. This was...
By: Phatse Justice Piitso Today is declared a Black Friday, and I wish President Donald Trump wakes from his deep sleep in the White House, and join the great march of the people of the world, in memory of the life of our heroic son, George Floyd. We are yet to see how he joins the marches of solidarity throughout the...
By: Clyde Ramalaine & Arthur J van Nel An about-turn that confirms a crisis of clergy legitimacy - The novel virus christened COVID-19 has exposed many from politicians to scientists yet it is also exposing church leadership on many fronts. On the eve of SA moving to Level 3 of its March 26, 2020, launched lockdown, faith in general and church...
By: Phatse Justice Piitso Few days ago the Mayor of the small Italian town of Crema, Cde Stefania Bonaldi, joined the growing calls by the organisations of the world such as the Alternative Student organisation, Noi Restiamo, Communist network, the French organisation Cuba Linda, the Caribbean Studies Association, and many others for the nomination of the Cuban international medical brigade specialised...
By: Justice Piitso In his seminal work, The Reflections of a Young Man, published in 1835, Cde Karl Marx wrote the following: "History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy”. This is the pedestal we acclaim to Toussaint Louverture,...
By: Carl Niehaus Freedom of speech is a fundamental, inalienable, right enshrined in our Constitution. Many of us who have fought in the liberation struggle against apartheid made huge sacrifices to secure it in our democracy, together with all the other human rights that too many of us take for granted. Some of us, like myself, spent years in political prisons,...


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