I finally found a political home


By: Eugene Botha

After 22 years of political disaffection I finally found a political party that matches my dreams and hopes for this country. The Patriotic Alliance (PA) is all about South Africa. Don’t get confused by the prioritisation of the Coloured Community.

This community’s crisis is a National imperative for so many reasons. Our coloured brothers and sisters are living in a humanitarian crisis and it has a detrimental impact on the entire country.

No economy can be sustainable if you leave people behind. This crisis is a very real threat to the security and future of our country.

The PA has called upon us all to unite and solve this crisis in the best interests of South Africa. The impact is far reaching and will improve every person’s life beyond what you can imagine.

The next revolution will not be fought in the streets, it will be the revolution of the mind.

Our future as a nation hinges on one thing. The economic freedom of South Africans. One of the most damaging and lasting effects of Apartheid propaganda was the way in which the Apartheid mechanism systematically created *hatred* in the minds of black and coloured South Africans of banks and capitalism. South Africa, no actually the entire world, is operating on a capitalist system.

If you are taught to hate banks and capitalism you are being taught to oppress yourself and your children.

I have spoken to so many ambitious young black and coloured entrepreneurs who will often say to me, “I just need a R100’000 to start this business and then I will earn enough to buy a car and a house and send my kids to a good school!” When I then suggest that we work towards securing the funding from a bank they always walk away with distrust. I never understood it until I met Gayton McKenzie. Apartheid’s lasting legacy is cutting the black man and coloured man off from the very tools that create generational wealth. If you cannot raise capital, you cannot build a business. If you hate and fear good credit, how do you begin to build your empire?

Statistics will always talk about a lack of skills. And yet we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates.

The lack of skills is not a lack of education, it is the lack of understanding of capitalism and how any one person access capital.

White South Africans and Indian South Africans remain the dominant economic force in the country, not because of some superior intellect or advanced business skills, they are only in that position because they do not fear good credit and they understand how to leverage value and build sustainable businesses with that value.

Perhaps this is an oversimplification of our challenges, but let me assure you that without access to capital people cannot lift themselves out of poverty. Inequality will burn this country down. Don’t be mistaken. Inequality is going to hurt us.

Apartheid and the ANC have tied people to the state and our people must, out of necessity, live off of grants and hand outs. They really don’t know any other way. Don’t say jobs! Mechanisation is cutting jobs every day. We need entrepreneurs. We can end that cycle.

I was very fortunate to meet Gayton Mckenzie and his political party, the PA. I read his books and I understood the man. Sappere Aude! I found out for myself the true character of the man and I discovered a great man with great and loving vision for this country. A true patriot who has the strength of character and the track record to change things once and for all. No one hates corruption more. He fights corruption in a way that gives me such hope.

I have friends who like to point to Gayton’s history. It is exactly his history which inspires me. I know that Gayton was a gangster. I know he spent time in prison. He never hides this fact, but he has paid the price and continues to use his story to lead the revolution. I’ve never met a person with as much energy to redress the wrongs of the past. Feel free to read The Choice so you can also know and understand the true character behind the man the mainstream media simply dismiss as a “ex-convict leader of a gangster party”. They are wrong with their labels, but they must live with that, it is truly their loss.

I also met this man who understands capitalism. You may read a Hustler’s Bible for reference. It’s no secret that Gayton is a highly successful entrepreneur and has, through his business dealings honed his skills as an entrepreneur. He understands capital in a way that most MBA graduates do not.

What gives me real hope as a white South African is exactly the Gayton McKenzie story. The fact is that no one understands the white South African condition better than he does. White South Africans also carry the ex-convict label but it is named “Apartheid-beneficiary” or “whiteness” or “white-privilege”. This label is associated with death, starvation, police brutality and crimes against humanity and in today’s time with a sense of apathy. In a sense Gayton’s acceptance of his label as an ex-convict and the fact that in spite of that label he works day and night as a true patriot to bring peace and prosperity to this country has inspired me. I felt cut off from this country as a white skinned citizen, because of our past. I know many of my friends do too. We hear Julius attack our whiteness and our privileges but we do not know what to do. Julius has no idea either. Gayton does, in fact Gayton is a shining example of what we should do. We should accept our whiteness, there is nothing we can do about the past. Accept it, but also then be honest and earnest about wanting to help fix the damage done.

We tend to focus on the physical damage done, but the greatest damage was done to the psyche of black and coloured South Africans. The great news is that we can undo that injustice. All people want economic freedom, but people who have economic freedom have not truly reached out and addressed the cause of the problem. We have treated the symptoms for decades and I sense that my white brothers and sisters are shrugging and saying to each other that ‘we have tried to treat the symptoms, but these people are beyond help’. This is a lie and Gayton McKenzie is the only politician I know who has exposed that lie.

He knows that the cause of economic exclusion lies in the minds of the people. It will not be easy to treat the cause but he began that process when he wrote The Choice and when he went to dozens of schools to talk to children about the truth of gangs and prisons. No one has worked harder to lead that mental revolution.

The PA has started to organise business camps for youths from coloured and black communities where the need is the greatest (at first – but it will be everywhere soon!) These camps are focused on transferring these critically missing skills. These camps will introduce the power of capitalism and leverage and markets to people whose parents and grand parents hated such things.

The PA is not exclusionary. Gayton has extended his hand and membership to all races, colours and creeds, but he has asked us join him to solve the biggest humanitarian crisis of post-apartheid South Africa.

I finally have a political home because I met a leader who is treating the cause not the symptoms and has a vision that I want to work hard to achieve. He has asked us as patriotic South Africans to join him in this journey and to do what we can to lead the revolution in the minds and to finally end the legacy of Apartheid. It has taken too long to get here and as a patriotic South African I am fiercely determined to apply all of my resources and skills to achieve this vision. My hope is that our revolution in the minds of the coloured community will start the revolution of the minds of black South Africans but also importantly the revolution of the minds of white South Africans. End your mental Apartheid and let’s meet our brothers and sisters as equals. Let us use every ounce of our skills and resources to bring true economic freedom to all South Africans. In a capitalist world let’s teach people the ways and mysteries of capitalism. This is urgent and important. Please join us so we can discuss how we can lead this peaceful and powerful revolution across our land.


*Eugene Botha
Managing Director at Botha and Erasmus Inc.