Zimbabwe’s Chamisa says “victory is certain” as he casts vote


JOHANNESBURG, July 30 – Monday’s election is a ‘done deal’ and Zimbabweans will only be going through the motions to validate “my ascendancy to the top job”, says opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa who is running for president.

Chamisa yesterday declared during a press briefing in Harare that after Monday’s polls, his archrival President Emmerson Mnangagwa would soon find himself in the opposition camp, NewsDay reported.

“Any election outcome that will have Mnangagwa as a victor is not an election, but fiction. I, have said it before and I will say it again. We are very clear about the will of the people. It’s not as if an election is going to be conducted on planet Mars or in heaven, it’s an earthly election in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We are Zimbabweans, we know what the people want. What we are doing is to confirm the will of the people and to emphasise the mandate of the people. In fact, he (Mnangagwa) has been overestimated by many people. I have estimated him correctly and he cannot win this election.”

Chamisa further stated that he and his team, with the support of his lawyer Thabani Mpofu, had outlined a raft of measure to safeguard election results.

These included voters carrying their own pens to polling booths, activists groups of 12 and under gathering within the legal vicinity of the polling station to “protect the vote” as well as taking videos and pictures of results once they are posted at various polling stations.

“So any skullduggery, shenanigans, manipulations, corruption of the election is not going to be acceptable in this country. That’s why I have said to Mnangagwa let us meet, but he has been running away from me. Now he cannot run away we are meeting at the ballot,” said Chamisa.

African News Agency (ANA)