MKMVA condems the wanton looting acts and corruption of COVID-19 emergency funds


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has, on Tuesday, condemned the wanton acts of looting and corruption that characterizes the abuse of COVID-19 emergency solidarity funding.

“Nothing can be more depraved than stealing from the poor, destitute and hungry, and enriching oneself at their cost”, the movement said.

According to the Movement, in the instance of the large scale looting that evidently happened with regards to the
COVID-19 emergency solidarity funds is nothing less than acts of murder.

“Because it means that urgently needed funds are not reaching desperate people who are in many instances already living under the breadline, and who are confronted with the increasing surge of deadly infections from a dangerous killer virus.

“The horrible cynicism of, on the one hand digging hundreds of thousands of graves –
literally telling our people that we are ready for you to die – and then looting the money that is meant to provide an emergency life-line to the poor and desperately vulnerable, is not only culturally alien, but knows no moral or ethical boundaries.”

“The disturbing, and apparently large scale, involvement of so-called comrades from the African National Congress in this looting is more than deeply embarrassing, it is diabolical, and contrary to every single principle that the ANC as the pre-eminent liberation movement of South Africa should stand for. Any member of the ANC who makes him or herself guilty
of such dastardly acts should be mercilessly exposed and driven out, they do not deserve to be part of our ranks”, the movement said.

We ask ourselves what besets ANC councilors to literally steal food parcels meant for the poorest of the poor, and hoard them at their houses. This is prime evil, and they should be exposed and harshly dealt with! Yet, it is no less evil for big White Monopoly Capital
companies to grossly overprice their sanitizing services, and the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products that they sell to government, raking in super profits for the
cleaning and protection of our schools and other public facilities.

There is an insidious tendency to go for small (mainly black entrepreneurs) and expose
their corruption, while the big White Monopoly Companies are allowed to get away scot-
free. As MKMVA we are not saying that if smaller entrepreneurs are involved in corruption
that they should not be apprehended, but it cannot be that action against them is used to
cover up the truly big corruption and (White Monopoly Capital) WMC criminals. Such
behavior is corrupt in itself, and should be exposed.
The members of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA), have
since the formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) in 1961, as members of our People’s
Liberation Army, been the most radical and principled members of the ANC. We are truly
the vanguard, and sharp point of the spear, of our revolution. Our members are dedicated
cadres who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of our people,
and lay down our lives. Many of our fellow cadres in MK have indeed sacrificed their lives.

However, our members have certainly not done so for a society where corruption is rife,
and the little bit of daily bread of the poorest of the poor is literally yanked out of their
mouths by vultures to feed their insatiable glutinous appetites, and sickening over-the-top
conspicuous lifestyles.

The time to choose our words carefully, and to beat around the bush, is long over. We
cannot talk in whispers, the only just action for every true revolutionary is to rage with
anger, and shout from the mountain top of our indignation as loud as and as clear as we
possibly can that this must end, and it must end right now!

Let us spell it out to the vultures and salivating wild dogs, whose ravenous appetite for
self-enrichment and self-gratification knows no bounds: We really do not know why you think that you have a so-called right to live in palaces, drive outrageously expensive cars, parade your overfed bodies in the most expensive bling clothing brands, prostitute the daughters of the poor by showering them with money and empty promises and thus destroying our families and our African cultures. We can continue to provide more of these examples of your moral depravity, because you have filled the bitter poisonous chalice that you present to us to drink every day to the brim, but it is not necessary because we (and you) all know what we are talking about.

From whatever your money-mad, crass materialistic, delusional minds conjure up in the sick idea that your entitled to all of this, we in MKMVA warn you that we will not any longer stand by and be spectators of such a nauseating pathetic spectacle. You are making a mockery of our revolution, and our hard fought for rights. Worst of all, you are exploiting our people, and trampling on their goodwill for having trusted in you.

When saying this we are not drawing a soft, and ever moving, line in the sand. We are
lifting the banners and spears of our revolution and telling you that we are now once and for all standing up to be counted in defence of the majority of black (and especially African)

If you think that you can continue with your business of self-enrichment as usual, you
are in for a nasty surprise. You are indeed in for the high jump! Enough is enough!
Having fought selflessly for the liberation of our people, having made huge sacrifices, and faced untold hardships in exile and in the training camps, together with our cadres in the self-defence units in the townships who laid down their lives and fought with stones and
petrol bombs against the guns and armored vehicles of the apartheid police and soldiers, most of our members have been ill-treated and disregarded since the advent of our democracy. Most of our members, and their families, are deprived of their most basic needs. They live in poverty, and are denied the dignity and respect they deserve as military

They carry their pain, and the physical and mental wounds, and scars, of how
they had put their bodies and souls on the firing line of defending our people, on their own, without hardly any recognition or help.

In fact the arrogant nouveau rich and compradore capitalists arrogantly look down on us,
mocking our commitment to the true essence of our liberation struggle, making snide
remarks about the MK uniform that we continue to wear with pride, narrowing their shifty
eyes and pulling their noses up at the sight and smell of our poverty. Literally spatting at us
from their salivating mouths, as they sit and gorge themselves at the overladen banquet
tables of White Monopoly Capital (WMC). This they do, while they are only only free, and
in fact are able to so grossly abuse their freedom, because of the struggles we have fought
and the sacrifices that we have made.
The time had come for us in MKMVA to call out the empty, useless, words that are
repetitively mouthed about corruption. We are not fools! We see how protestations of a so-
called commitment to fight corruption are being used in factional battles in order to attack
and sideline comrades that are opposed to capital (with specific reference to White
Monopoly Capital) controlling the ANC, and determining the future of governance in our
country. We are certainly not blind to how the mainstream White Monopoly Capital owned
media deliberately create a narrative that those who are opposed to the whole sale sell-out
of our liberation struggle to capital are demons, while those so-called comrades among us
who are compliant, and are lock-stock-and-barrel selling out our revolution, are presented
as angels with halos. We are not blinded by their slippery forked tongues – we see them for
who they are: ‘Angels’ with horns!
The WMC mainstream media present them as so-called ‘corruption busters’, but in reality
they are the incarnation and personification of the worst corruption! When the family
members of comrades who resist our Liberation Movement being turned into an servant
and agent of WMC, try to make a living as is their constitutional right, it is quickly called
corrupt and reported everywhere. However, when literally billions of Rands, of COVID-19
solidarity funds, are ill-earned and miss-spent it is tipsy-toed around with soft words, and
described by any synonym but the word corruption!
MKMVA stands aghast at how some comrades among us in the ANC are engaging in this
pathetically cynical chess game, of move and counter-move. Creating a stale-mate
situation where we are paralyzed to fight corruption, and the truly corrupt are protected,
and not be exposed.
Sadly the reality gap of the disjuncture between truth and conjured-up propaganda lies has
become a deep and ravenous chasm that sucks the hope and life out of our long suffering
communities, and our society in general. We talk about the second pandemic of Gender
Based Violence that must be fought with all our might, but we know of powerful men who
participate in marches against GBV, but at home they are abusers. Similarly there are
those who are corrupt to the core, and only own their leadership positions due to having
bought it with huge sums of money, who are presented to us as so-called corruption

As for us in MKMVA we are sick and tired of such nonsense! Courage is now needed by
those comrades among us who are still truly committed to our full liberation ideals, and
care for the people of our country, to stand up and be counted.
The consequences all of this for the African National Congress is devastating. The image
and standing of the ANC is severely damaged. More and more our people are beginning to
see the ANC a looters’ organization, rather than a Liberation Movement. As a
consequence we are fast loosing the people’s trust, and thus also being granted by the
people of our country the privilege to be the leader of society.
Increasingly every time the NEC of the ANC issues a media statement, and tries to
address issues of corruption and failures to address the needs of our people, it is met with
growing cynicism. The avalanche of scorn and cynical comments that the latest statement
by our NEC was met with yesterday on social media is deeply disconcerting.
The harsh truth is that we in the ANC are no longer believed and taken seriously when we
say that we are committed to fighting corruption. The continuing corrupt actions of too
many so-called comrades, now speak louder than any words that we can muster. This is a
hole that we dug ourselves into. All of those comrades in the ANC who are still committed
to principled, and full, liberation must take responsibility to get us out of it.
The writing is truly on the wall. This is our moment of truth, a watershed moment. We
cannot continue to take the support of the voters for granted. Either we self-correct, regain
our revolutionary heart, and once again become selfless servants, or we are done for.
Our beloved ANC is faced with an existential crisis. Now, more than at any time before in
the 108 year long history of the ANC every true cadre must re-commit to the founding
principles of the ANC of service to the people in securing the return of the land land that
was stolen by the white colonists, and implementing the core demands of the Freedom
Charter that: “The Land Shall Be Shared Among Those Who Work It”, and “The People
Shall Share In The Country’s Wealth”.
We in MKMVA give revolutionary notice that, as in the past no matter the cost, we will not
be found wanting. Over the decades the words of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Declaration of
the 16th of December 1961, still speaks to us loud and clear: “The time comes in the life of
every nation where there remain only two choices – submit or fight”. We in MKMVA will
certainly not be found wanting in our dedication to fight for the full liberation – including full
economic liberation – of every black (and especially African) South African.