School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) stock stolen during robberies being sold – Education department


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- Gauteng education department is suspicious that the national school nutrition programme (NSNP) stock which had been stolen from four Pretoria schools was being sold.

It is believed that a syndicate is behind four school robberies where (NSNP) stock and computers had been stolen in Atteridgeville recently.

 “Once we have a breakthrough and arrest these guys, surely they will tell us as to where the stock is being sold. Why are they targeting schools? We believe that the stock is being sold. If you take the entire school stock, what are you going to do with it? Items being stolen include your beans, tin fish, soya, mealie, and mealie,” Gauteng education department spokesperson, Steve Mabona said.

Mabona said that while the police were yet to make any arrests, they were convinced that a syndicate was targeting these schools.

“We see that there’s the same modus oparandi that is being utilised. When you look the way the robberies are happening, they are committing the robberies at night or ion the morning. When they break, they break to an extent that they break the window frames, they take burglars out, they take the frames out. You can see that this is a syndicate,” he said.

The department expressed concern after a fourth school was targeted. Mabona said that criminals stole seven laptops, nine computers, and the entire school nutrition at Dr. WF Nkomo High School on Monday.

The department said that the robberies began on Tuesday this week at Flavius Mareka Secondary School where criminals stole the school’s entire nutrition stock.

Four computers and the school nutrition were also taken at Thohoyandou Primary School on Friday morning.

Another robbery also occurred at Masizane Primary school, where a security guard was tied up. Robbers broke into the school’s admin block where they took seven computers and two tablets and the school’s nutrition.

The department said that cases have been opened with the police.