Request for declassification of information from Arthur Fraser and Bongani Bongo opens up can of worms


By: Political Bureau

Durban – A request to the State Security Agency (SSA) to declassify some information in order to help some of those implicated in the alleged abuse of the state intelligence apparatus has opened a can of worms.

The request was made to the agency in a letter dated January 23, 2021, by Kgoroeadira Mudau Inc.

The Johannesburg law firm was acting on behalf of Arthur Fraser, Adv. Bongani Bongo, Jabulani Maduma, Graham Engel, Prince Makhwathana, Marthie Wallace, Molleen Mnana and Roxane Human.

All these individuals have been implicated in acts of misconduct by a number of witnesses at the Zondo Commission, among them former minister, Sydney Mufumadi, who started his testimony on Monday.

One of the requests is that the agency declassifies and avail some documents which allege that former director of foreign intelligence, Moe Shaik, authorised a project that established a business news station (currently hosted on DSTV platform) and staffed the network with spies.

“Copies of all the documents related to a project initiated by Amb(assador) Moe Shaik for the funding, establishment, capacitating of … (a business news network) and the secondment of SSA members to it and which members remain on SSA’s payroll despite not being engaged for over ten (10) years. agreement of … (the channel) between the then South African Secret Service (SASS) or its successor, the SSA and Mr. … ;These members remain at home. In particular, our clients request for a copy of the funding,” reads the request.

Shaik is also alleged to have authorised the purchasing of an online news portal which later appointed a controversial television presenter as editor. The editor allegedly brought on board some of her buddies to be shareholders of the portal.

In response to these, Shaik said the request was treasonous and aimed at destroying the capability of the state to gather intelligence.

“I find this request for information despicable to say the least. None of this requested information relates to the terms of the (Zondo) commission. I find this a scorched earth approach which is aimed at destroying whatever the intelligence capacity that may exist in our state. This is treasonable and I wish and I appeal to authorities to treat it as such,” Shaik told Independent Media.

The letter also requests information which led to a fake intelligence report alleging that Professor Thuli Madonsela, EFF leader Julius Malema and Joseph Mathunjwa of mining union, AMCU, were agents and members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America.

“The report was used to demote an operative (cannot be named until located) who had been promoted to the position of deputy director-general in the agency. A copy of Mr …. assessment that determined and confirmed that he was unfit to hold the position of General Manager, let alone Deputy Director-General; … A copy of all the documents and reports, including the authorisation, records of all submissions and payments, false documents, travel records including all the related travel itineraries created by …

“In the project masterminded and managed by him that resulted in a report that falsely claimed that Prof Thuli Madonsela, Mr Sello Julius Malema and Mr Joseph Mathunjwa were agents and/or members of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. To this end, we kindly request that you also provide us with a copy of Prof Madonsela’s false CIA membership or appointment card manufactured by Blose.”

SSA spokesman, Mava Scott said the request for information was received on Monday morning.

This is a developing story and more will come when all those implicated in the request have been contacted.