Questions to ANC NEC for recalling Zuma


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG- African National Congress (ANC) members say they have more questions than answers regarding the recall of President Jacob Zuma.

Speaking to a few party members throughout the country, they asked some questions which they said the National Executive Committee (NEC) must answer so that they can understand the reasons behind Zuma’s removal.

The party had a marathon Special NEC meeting on Monday which ended in the early hours of Tuesday where Zuma’s future was under the spotlight. It is said the NEC has decided to give Zuma 48 hours to resign or face the possibility of a recall.

Here are some of the questions that members believe the Cyril Ramaphosa led leadership needs to answer for them to be in the loop regarding the future of the president.

1). What informed the decision of a recall? Was it a push from the opposition? Did you do a thorough investigation to clearly understand the national mood around this issue?

2). If you remove Zuma because of the opposition, couldn’t the voters just as well vote for the opposition? People are so concerned with those people who want Zuma gone, what about those who want him to stay? By any count, they are a very substantial number of ANC members and ANC supporters. Does anyone think about those who love him? Isn’t the ANC dividing itself irrevocably and committing suicide. What has become of the much taunted ‘unity’ project?

3). Is it a correct perception that White Monopoly Capital has become more emboldened/arrogant since the December ANC Elective conference?

4). There has been an outcry in some quarters that this may be seen as a lynching of the Zulu nationality from the top ANC politics, does this recall not strengthen that perception?

5). The DA and opposition did not want President Zuma to deliver the SONA, does this decision not play into the hands of the opposition?

6). ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has not been vocal on RET at all. He has been speaking about investors and investor confidence – does this mean that RET is now taking back-seat?

7). What necessitated the urgency to recall? And where does this put the talks of Unity in the ANC? Why is there such a rush to recall President Zuma? Would a three-month hand-over period not have been sensible? Is this because the President of the ANC created artificial and unrealistic deadlines in Davos in order to comply with what White Monopoly Capital and international investors demanded? How does this serve the ANC, and especially unity in the ANC?

8). How does the ANC think it can manage the political turbulence/chaos of President Zuma potentially being removed through a vote of no-confidence and the whole Executive having to step down? How will all of this impact on the ANC’s preparations for the 2019 national elections and its performance in those elections? Is this not a very short-sighted decision?

9). Please take us into your confidence about what exactly President Zuma has done wrong to deserve this recall from his own party to which he has dedicated his whole life. What exactly are the reasons for the recall that the NEC has provided President Zuma with?