Patriotic Alliance grabs another DA councillor


By: Sello Theletsane

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) has in its massive recruitment campaign made the DA its poaching ground.

Over the past few months, the DA has been the biggest casualty of the PA’s country-wide campaign that has seen several DA councillors and community activists have dumping the DA to join the PA.

Gayton McKenzie-led party has also been hard at work, even poaching from the ANC. The party has also recently attracted influential ANC community leaders and celebrities including entertainer Zodwa Libram, AKA Zodwa WaBantu.

Silvia Edwards, a DA councillor in Kgatelopele Lical Municipality in Danielskuil, Northern Cape is the latest DA councillor to quit the DA to join the PA. She will be the PA’s mayoral candidate in her municipality in the forthcoming local government elections scheduled for later this year.

MacKenzie thanked Edwards for her courage “to leave the DA, a party that has for years been using votes of coloureds and black people to pursue its racist agenda”. “We warmly welcome councillor Edwards into the green train and thank her for her brave decision to join the PA, a party of the future,” said McKenzie.

Explaining her decision to leave the DA Edwards said: “When I joined the DA I believed that it was the party that would bring change to our society especially in our town Danielskuil. However I’ve come to realize that I was wrong. The lack of interest showed by the leadership of the DA was a real eye opener.”

Edwards added: “As someone that was born in Danielskuil, and I really love my town, I joined politics to help my people out of the grip of the unemployment, suffering and poverty. I refuse to be casual about that, so I decided to join a party that’s determined to make that radical change and that party is the Patriotic Alliance.”

Edwards concluded: “A very powerful change is coming to Danielskuil! And we are more than ready for it.”