Mr Ramaphosa and Mr Malema can no longer fool South Africans


By: Tendani Modau

How does Mr Ramaphosa continue to fool black people and White people? When will South Africans realise that Mr Ramaphosa works with Mr Malema who even dictates to Mr Ramaphosa who must be appointed?

What stands between Mr Malema and Mr Ramaphosa for total control of the President is Mr Pravin Gordhan that the EFF despises.

The EFF can control Mr Ramaphosa but they can’t control Mr Pravin Gordhan who was send to Limpopo in 2011 as an administrator by Mr Zuma when they collapsed the Province until the was nothing left to steal.

The EFF loves money and have held all political parties at ransom to cut deals including the DA which gave the EFF positions in boards in municipalities that they controlled. Especially Herman Mashaba who used the financial resources of the city of Joburg to fund EFF election and mobilisation campaigns.

Even Mzwandile Masina of Ekurhuleni is controlled by the EFF. That is why they don’t disrupt his municipality, they have business in the city of Ekurhuleni and sit on boards in the municipality.

The EFF controls every other politician and political party except for the Patriotic Alliance led by Mr Gayton and Mr Kunene who have not been blackmailed by Mr Malema who owns everyone.

Mr Ramaphosa signed a deal with the devil and because he is no politician but a businessman he needs the EFF to build his business empire until his term of office ends. Mr Ramaphosa like Mr Malema have managed to fool black people, they just love money. Look at how the EFF fooled poor black people who felt aggrieved by the Clicks advertisement. They benefitted from the deal under pretext of fighting racism.

The only party that can hold Mr Malema accountable in Parliament is the Patriotic Alliance. Mr Malema fears Mr no nonsense Gayton Mckenzie.

As with Mr Ramaphosa, Mr Malema stands for nothing and has no backbone. He wants to please everyone and has a desire to be liked. One constituency he has fooled is the White community who trust him the way they trust Mandela.

Mr Ramaphosa is no Mandela, he is Mr Zuma’s prodigy. Without Mr Zuma he will not be President today, was it not Mr Zuma who cleaned his mess at Marikana and made him his advisor in 2009 when he became President including at Eskom? Mr Ramaphosa with the Guptas funded Mr Zuma at every conference except for Nasrec when he wanted power. He used Zuma to get what he wanted and is now using the ANC to immerse wealth for himself.

Don’t you dare think he cares about the ANC as well. He always distances himself from the problems of tha party yet he wants the glory and successes related to that party.

Mr Malema controls Mr Ramaphosa.

Take deputy Minister of Communication, Pinky Kekana, did you know she was appointed by Mr Malema who stroke a deal with Mr Ramaphosa after they agreed to remove Zuma? Ms Kekana is from Limpopo and a form mayor of Bela Bela and a partner to both Mr Malema and Ramaphosa who was given land by Ms Kekana in Bela Bela whilst also having held financial interest of Mr Malema. When Mr Ramaphosa appointed Nomvula Mokonyane as Minister of Communication Mr Malema forced Mr Ramaphosa to appoint Ms Pinky Kekana as deputy Minister, check the boards of communication you are likely to find Mr Malema’s people.

Even Cassal Mathale, he was appointed by Malema and is now deputy Minister of Police. Mr Mathale worked with Mr Malema in Limpopo and nearly bankrupted the Province until Mr Pravin Gordhan was send to the Province to clean their mess. No different to Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr David Masondo, who is also from Limpopo who was the MEC of Finance during Mr Malema’s reign of terror where they milked the province dry.

Mr Masondo, Cassal Mathale and Pinky Kekana are Mr Malema’s eyes and ears in the ANC.

Mr Malema and Mr Shivambu have still not forgiven Mr Zuma and Mr Pravin Gordhan for intervening in Limpopo and their subsequent removal from the ANC and since they managed to remove Zuma through Mr Ramaphosa it is Mr Pravin Gordhan who is still left.

The least a President can be is to be loyal but Mr Ramaphosa is not. He has too many people that he owes favors too especially White business which funded his campaign because he promised them that he will continue to protect their interest.

Well South Africa deserves better leaders. Mr Malema and Mr Ramaphosa are everything that is wrong with our country, greedy and unpatriotic.

Let us go back home and use the skills we have learned overseas to save our country. You heard the President, he said government has no money, they have stolen everything and once the people revolt they will run away and leave the poor people to kill each other.

Let’s put South Africa First, let’s protect our constitution and democracy from the likes of Mr Malema and Mr Ramaphosa.

*Tendani Modau is a qualified Actuary who writes in his personal capacity from Ohio who is prepared to go back home and rebuild the country