Open Letter to Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan


By Nkosentsha Shezi

Dear Pravin Gordhan

Pardon me for not greeting and addressing you in a Comradely and Revolutionary manner as we always do as Comrades. I find it difficult to address you as my Comrade for reasons I shall get to in a moment.

I thought it’s prudent of me to write this letter to you sir, regarding our meeting 8 months ago in Pietermaritzburg where I attended a business breakfast meeting. I am not reminding you of this day in order to blame you for your failure to stop your guards from beating me up in front of journalists and to the amusement of some in your audience. As a high ranking leader present at that meeting, of course you could have saved me, but instead you encouraged the said guards to continue beating me. I can still hear your voice as you shouted “lift him up!”.

What kind of a leader are you? where your emotions, irrationality and aggressiveness were bare for all to see on that day? You have definitely shown your true self in the past years, especially when you are questioned about your involvement in the rogue unit.

Sir, I really want to call you Comrade but my conscience fails me particularly when I think of your disrespect for the law and the Public Protector who has recently revealed that you lied to parliament. As if that was not enough, you stole public funds to pay patronage to your friend Ivan Pillay. This you did knowing very well that Pillay was not qualified for the position you had employed him in at the SARS.

It makes me wonder whether your actions were not based on racial preference. You have gone all out in the name of fighting corruption to target black leaders and managers in State Owned Enterprises. You have portrayed yourself as a paragon of political morality yet you live a lie. A lie the Public Protector has exposed.

Sir, for these reasons, you are not my Comrade. Again, in the light of these findings by the Public Protector, what is the difference between Pravin Gordhan and a common thief! You are definitely not my Comrade.

The main reason for this letter, is to tell you that you have defamed the Shezi clan and my ancestors are angry at you for the humiliation I suffered at Pietermaritzburg. In the mist of the pain I suffered, I was told that my ancestors and the revolutionary ancestors of our revolution will avenge my suffering. As an African, it is befitting that I let you know that you ought to go to Nkandla, to Chief Shezi and plead forgiveness for what happened at Pietermaritzburg. You need to bring a goat to slaughter as you plead forgiveness from the Shezi ancestors.

When those bodyguards manhandled me little did they know that I am forever protected by spirit of great revolutionaries who fought not to protect their daughters’ interests in looting Eskom but who fought white colonialists for the return of our land.

I am a descendant of Great Chief Sgananda who joined forces with Bhambatha ka Mancinza to fight white colonists. My forefather served as Chief Commander of the Zulu Army under 4 different Kings of a mighty Zulu Nation. The only indigenous army in the world to ever defeat Imperial British army at Sandlwane. No Indian army or Chinese army has ever done that in the history of mankind. How dare do you think you can get away with the Pietermaritzburg saga?

My advise to you is, humble yourself and atone for your sins with my ancestors. Indeed, I grew up in the struggle and have dogged many bullets in the struggle for freedom of our people. One thing you must know is that when we chant long live the spirit of Cde Chris Hani, we actually evoke their spirit to watch over us as we fight against White Monopoly Capital and its stooges.

We are under a watchful protection of Cde OR Tambo, King Dingane, King Moshoeshe, Steve Biko, Solomon Mahlangu and many other heroes and heroines of our struggle. Sir, without atonement for your errors it would be impossible for me to call you a comrade!

For the sake of good governance and as you have proclaimed yourself as a moral compass of society I urge you to stop behaving like someone who is above the law.

In the light of findings and recommendations by the Public Protector, you must step down immediately! You ought to present yourself before a judge and argue your innocence. In line with our constitution and Constitutional court pronouncement on the powers of the Public Protector, you are no longer alleged to be a liar, you are a liar. You owe it to the people of South Africa to step down and submit yourself to the processes of the law.

As I conclude this friendly but frank letter I want to plead with you, respect the office of the Public Protector. Hands off Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane. If you think she has erred in her findings it’s within your right to take them to court for a review. As you try to use the media to vilify the PP we may begin to assume that you are attacking her because she is a black woman. That would not be good for your already wounded image. You don’t want us to begin to assume that you are a racist male chauvinist, do you? Step down immediately. You are ruining the image of a new dawn.