Zodwa wa Bantu joins politics and chooses Patriotic Alliance


By: Sello Theletsane

Celebrity entertainer Zodwa wa Bantu is Gayton Mckenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA) latest biggest catch.

The PA has recently been on massive recruitment campaign throughout South Africa, a campaign that has seen the party grow rapidly. The party has in recent months been joined by several influential community leaders, mostly former DA and ANC councillors.

Rebecca Zodwa Libram, AKA Zodwa wa Bantu, joined the PA this week after being approached by PA National Executive member and businessman Kenny Kunene.

“After Kenny told me what the PA stood for, I was convinced this is the only political party that is relevant in this day and age. The party’s commitment to the upliftment communities is what impressed me most.”

“Remember I’m a township girl and I spend lots of my time in the townships. It breaks my heart to see the mystery that people in the townships go through despite them voting in every election since our democratic dispensation in 1994.”

“I’m convinced the PA is introducing a new form of politics which is truly people-oriented. Naturally, most people fear change, but why cling to a political party that has done nothing for you and has demonstrated over and over again that its leaders, and not the people, come first?”

“I appeal to all South Africans to wake up and smell the coffee. The situation in our country is dire it needs people to reclaim their power. This is the time to make right decisions. Joining the PA is one of those critical decisions,” Wa Bantu concluded.

Kunene said he believes in wa Bantu as “a leader in her own right”.

“Her name encapsulates who she is in relation to ordinary people in this country. “

“That she truly loves people and wants the best for them, coupled with the fact that she does not live a lie, is what resonates with us in the PA,” said Kunene.

“I watched her reality show and saw how she gives back to those in need. These are the type of leaders that the PA must appreciate and honour because upliftment of communities is the PA’s priority. I think Zodwa has made a decision she won’t regret. She has all the attributes that will make her succeed in politics, especially her decision to join the Patriotic Alliance,” Kunene said.