We will not tolerate the reactionary and anti-revolutionary conduct of these thugs -MKMVA


Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has on Saturday expressed it’s shock and anger over video clips that show money being doled out to crowds
attending ANC events in Mpumalanga.

This comes after the national leadership of the ANC and the MKMVA received video
footage showing money being distributed, among other similar incidents, at an
ANC event in Nkomazi in Mpumalanga and similar shocking video clips have also since been distributed on social media.

“The ANC Region of eHlanzeni is due to hold its elective conference later this year,
and the Province of Mpumalanga will hold it’s Elective Conference in February next

“Unseemly scenes such as these, of money being handed out from boots of
luxury cars and thrown from stages into crowds of ANC members and supporters,
inevitably create the awful impression that money is being used to buy votes, with
the intention to influence the outcomes of these important elective conferences,” the MKMVA said.

According to the MKMVA, Actions such as these should be condemned without any reservation.

“This is entirely alien to the revolutionary character of the ANC. MKMVA calls on the
leadership of the ANC leadership to be more unequivocal in their reaction, and the
measures taken, to stop this scourge, than has been the case until now. Condemnation without immediate disciplinary action is simply not enough,”.

“MKMVA is disgusted by the humiliating disrespect behavior such as this shows for
our people. This is not the kind of despicable conduct that our members have fought to achieve, and many of members have made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives for. Those who behave like this cannot be considered to be
comrades, they are trampling on the sacrifices of millions of South Africans who struggled for our freedom, and the establishment of our democratic state. The
democratic and free vote of every single South African is sacred, and may never
be attempted to be bought by anyone!”

Furthermore, the MKMVA said that it will not tolerate the reactionary and anti-revolutionary conduct of these thugs. “These incidences, and the evidence brought to the attention of the leadership of the ANC, MUST be thoroughly – and with speed – investigated, and those who think they can conduct themselves in this unbecoming fashion in the name of the ANC, should stopped in their tracks. Disciplinary procedures should already have be instituted swiftly, and without any hesitation”, said the MKMVA.

The movement has since called on all its members  together with each and every ANC member and supporter to resist the temptation of their votes being commodified and bought, and to expose anyone who try to do so. Every one who loves the ANC must declare without any hesitation: #NotInOurName!