WATCH: Vincent Cosa, the brave man who rescued a trapped child from the Jukskei River


Staff Reporter 

JOHANNESBURG – A video that has since gone viral, shows a man, bravely rescuing a child that is stranded on pole in the Jukskei River.

The man whose identity has since been revealed, he is Vincent Cosa.

In the video, the man can be seen as he steadily hops onto a pole to get to the child. The child then piggybacks on him as they safely make their way to land.

While it remains unclear how the child got there, Vincent Cosa who hails from Alexandra but Mozambican by nationality has been celebrated widely for his courage.

“Vincent’s courage deserves to be celebrated by all of us in our community even if he was born in Mozambique. His love for our people cannot be truly measured with anything he was Godsent. We South African must learn something from Vincent and other people across the world”, community members said.

While on Twitter South African have been calling for Vincent to awarded a medal for his bravery from the Presidency and the President has since agreed.