You remain a great elephant haunted to its eventual end by an untimely death – Ace Magashule


Tribute by the Secretary-General of the ANC Cde Ace Magashule during the funeral service of the late Cde Ndleleni Moses “Prof” Duma held at J.B Marks Municipality in the North West Province

On behalf of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress, we take the opportunity of this rare difficult moment of sorrow, of the funeral service of Comrade Ndleleni Moses “Prof” Duma, to convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to the family, to the wife of our departed comrade, Cde. Rachel and their two loving children Cdes Nkululeko and Thembeka, to friends and relatives, to the people of the great province of the North West, and to the people of our country and the world.

We are carrying a warm message of gratitude from the National Executive Committee of the ANC that your loss is our loss and your grief is our grief. The perineal tears flowing on our tormented faces are shed from the same fountain of love for your humble son whose mortal remains are lying in state before us here today.

The leadership and the membership of the ANC throughout the length and the breadth of
our country are with you during this difficult moment of sorrow. Death has again robbed us
one of the most outstanding sons of our national liberation struggle.

To you my dear brother, friend and compatriot Comrade Prof, we stand before your mortal
remains still devastated by your untimely departure. Our shoulders have become burdened heavier to our weakened selves, your passing on has wrapped us with devastating pain and anguish.

We still cannot imagine the beauty of the rays of the sunset and sunrise without you, we
still can not imagine the beauty of the moon and the shining stars without you, we still can
not imagine our mother earth revolving around the orbit without you. In the midst of the
beautiful melodies of the birds’ songs from Kgalagadi and the waves from our beautiful
streams and rivers, your voice is still heard the loudest.

Your untimely death has made us wonder like a platoon of our uniformed army of
revolutionaries suffering from fatigue, we still can not connect the dots on the map of the
battlefield, we still can not ascertain that you are here with us or not. We still hear the
echoes of your voice, we still hear your commands, your mastery of the terrain is still our
hope, we are still talking to you and you are still talking to us.

The thousands of people gathered here today are a postmortem show of confidence of
your humane and caring character, a character of a true revolutionary and a leader who
belongs to the people. Thousands of the people gathered here today are a living testimony
that you were indeed a true servant of the noble struggle of our people.

You remain a great elephant haunted to its eventual end by an untimely death. You remain
a great elephant of the forest of hope, which today remains the oldest national liberation
movement in our continent and the world, the African National Congress.

You are indeed a great elephant which throughout its life has been walking slowly but
surely and with deliberation in the forefront trenches of our struggle for the liberation of our people from imperialism and Apartheid colonialism of a special type. Indeed an elephant which has been part of the long enduring journey of our struggle for the freedom and dignity of our people.

We stand before your mortal remains hollow like an abandoned forest, which its animals
and human beings have deserted. A quiet forest with its ragged barks on the trees
revealing human writings, even though the authors are absent.

The writings seem to be the last message of their whereabouts, but the words are
indecipherable. This is the epitaph of your unparalleled contribution to the struggle for the
total emancipation of our people from oppression and exploitation.

Today we are gathered here to salute you Prof, we are gathered here to salute you
Commissar, Bahahesu ba teng mona kaofela, they are here to bid you farewell, even if
you taught us that the people cannot bid farewell to their own history, you were indeed an
embodiment of the rich history of the struggle of our people.

They are all here, COSAS is here, SANSCO is here, SAYCO is here, UDF is here, the
ANC is here, the Veterans League is here, the Women’s League is here, the Youth League
is here, the SACP is here, COSATU is here, SANCO is here, MK is here, all forces of our
revolution are here.

You belong to a generation of young roaring lions, a generation of young men and women,
who rose to the occasion and became the fortress of the masses of our people against the
brutal racist Apartheid regime. A generation which was prepared to volunteer their own
lives for the freedom of the people of our country.

The generation of Cdes Wellie Maphosa, Piet Mokele, Joe Selahu, Boitumelo Tshwene,
Daki Africa, Tapi Rabotapi, Des van Rooyen, Peter Mokaba, Stompie Seipei, Mpho Lekgoro, Paul Mashatile, Obed Bapela, Nkenke Kekana, Rapu Molekane, Zakes Molekane, Sol Tsotetsi, Itumeleng Mosala, Latha Mosiane, Sello Tshwaribe, Babra Greece, Dundee Ntsoelengoe, Oupa Monareng, Andrew Dipela, Deacon Mathe, Dipou Peters, and
many others.

You took it upon yourself to elevate the political consciousness of many of the young
people across the country mindful of the fundamental fact that a revolution is a festival of
ideas. You natured many of our young people mindful that the fundamental precondition
for our people to live in peace and prosperity is to use whatever they had in their hands to
liberate our people from the jaws of the racist pariah state.

Like a hunter in the forest, you have unearthed so many young people who are today
occupying important positions of responsibility through the ranks of our movement. In
whatever they do in their daily tasks, your teachings is the mirror of what you represent.

Your life has been like that of a flower falling from the tree to germinate new and more
beautiful flowers for the next season. You have left thousands of flowers to blossom.

The composite replicas of your image gathered here today reflect the immense contribution to the growth and development of our national democratic revolution. They are
here to salute the professor of our revolutionary theory, the professor of the theory of
Marxism Leninism, the professor of historical and dialectical materialism.

You rightfully so, and correctly so, followed the wisdom of the revolutionary words by
Vladimir Lenin when he said: “The organisation must be composed of professional revolutionaries. They will be professional in two senses, they will devote themselves full time to party work and they will be fully trained. Their training would be based on scientific knowledge, itself a product of the bourgeoisie.

The contemporary socialist movement can come into being only on the basis of profound
scientific knowledge. The torch-bearers of this science are not the working class, but the
bourgeois intelligentsia.”

Meaning that a revolution can only be led by the most advanced detachment in society.
Those whose ideas are vested on how to lead the development of human society throughout all historical epochs.

Your students are here: Pinky Moloi is here, Dakota Lekgoete, China Doduvu, Nono Maloyi, Kgotso Khumalo, Motlalepula Rosho, William Gugushe, Saliva Molapisi, Thabo Mosiane, Pelo Mekgwe, Thabiso Mono, Mapitso Sekamokgeng, Mpho Khunung, Khoza Pelelo, Majoro Nkophane, Judy Mpolokeng, Moeti Moilwa, Boy Gaorekwe, and many many others of your students are here.

We salute your precious memory, the memory of a beautiful flower that has fallen, and
through its seed to germinate new and more flowers for the next season, the season of our
struggle for the attainment of our objectives for radical socio-economic transformation.

Therefore you are not dead, you are alive, we live with you through these beautiful flowers
you have germinated amongst us.

Today we express the profundity of our appreciation and respect for your courage, dedication and revolutionary zeal you have demonstrated throughout your life. Through
them, we are confident that in our battles ahead you will be with us.

Even if you may have not witnessed a truly non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa, South Africa in which the wealth has been transferred into the hands of the majority, the future bear testimony that indeed you were in the right path of history. Your dream to achieve a better life for our people will remain to be our dream.

We say so to you Comrade Prof because people like you who have made history always
see the day after they have no idea of what they were doing, that the revolution made
does not resemble the one they would like to make. This is what the philosopher Hegel
calls the irony of history, an irony which few historical personalities can escape.

The painful memories of your departure from the world of the living rise the overwhelming
realities affecting the sorrow of the present state of our national democratic revolution. Indeed a revolution is the highest form of class struggle.

It is you Comrade Prof who understood better the historical reality that the attainment of
political independence is not the end, but only the beginning of a renewed protracted
struggle for socio-economic emancipation. History is a testimony that the struggle for
economic independence is always the ultimate litmus test to the existence of any revolutionary movement.

Throughout the history of the stages of human development, it was never an easy task to
transfer power from one class to the other. Therefore even today it is not an easy task to
transfer the wealth of our country from the hands of the white regime to the hands of the
majority of our people, the black people in general and the African people in particular.

It is you Comrade Prof who understood that our people did not struggle only to appreciate
in the singing of the national anthem, our people did not struggle only to appreciate the
beauty of the colours of our national flag, our people did not struggle only to appreciate the
beautiful valleys, rivers and escarpments of our country.

They cannot eat the national flag, our people cannot eat our national anthem or the beauty
of the valleys, rivers and escarpments of our country. This is not what the strategic objectives of our national democratic revolution seek to achieve.

The second phase of our struggle for national democracy is about ensuring that the
overwhelming majority of our country, the black people in general and the Africans in
particular, become part of the control and ownership of the mainstream economy. Our
struggle is about equitable distribution of the wealth of our country amongst all its citizens.

This is the reason our 54th National Elective Conference took decisive resolutions to
define our historical epoch as a new trajectory for the radical socio economic transformation (RET). The reason why the conference took a decision to expropriate land
without compensation, to nationalize the Reserve Bank, accelerate the momentum to ensure that our young people get free education, free health, access to essential services
such as water, electricity, housing, transport, social security and other amenities.

This is the bottom line of our desire to build a true non racial, non sexist, democratic and
prosperous South Africa. This is the struggle we shall achieve in memory of your
legendary contribution to the cause of the freedom and dignity of our people.

This is the fundamental reason why forces opposed to the transformation of our country
have gathered an offensive onslaught to undermine the achievements of our democratic
breakthrough. They know that the only way to reverse the gains of our struggle is to
destroy the ANC.

This is the reason why the enemy is fighting for the soul of the ANC. The enemy knows
very well that the ANC remains the only movement capable of leading the effective
transformation of our South African society.

In your memory, we shall ensure that we work hard for the unity and cohesion of our
movement and our people. In your memory, we shall work hard to ensure that there is unity amongst the revolutionary Alliance partners.

In your memory, we shall work hard to ensure that the ANC gets an overwhelming majority
in the forthcoming national general elections to take place next year. We shall ensure that
the ANC continues with its agenda to accelerate the radical economic transformation of
our society.

We again on behalf of the National Executive Committee of the ANC convey our words of comfort to the family, friends and relatives. We thank you very much for the generosity of sharing the life of your son with us.

We shall forever treasure his heroic contribution to the struggle for the liberation of our people. His final resting place shall be a historical museum of pilgrimage for the future generations of man to come.

May his revolutionary soul Rest In Peace