EDITORIAL: Those running to foreign media and those undermining law are unpatriotic


When Parliament instructed the Constitutional Review Committee to review Section 25 of the Constitution – which speaks to the right of property ownership – wheels were set in motion that would hopefully see real and lasting change to the legacy of skewed land ownership in SA.

The whole point of the review process is – in lay man terms – to consult and get to the bottom of what people want and fear, and then make recommendations on the way forward.

The fact that sections of the population have used this to stoke chaos and  – frankly – fake news is disgusting. Running to the foreign media resulting in them running commentary about violent land grabs and Zimbabwe-style economic collapse is fake news at best and very dangerous at worst. These self-same groups, supposedly interested in the well-being of SA’s economy are directly affecting global reporting which will damage the country’s reputation and put fear among investors. The President himself said it is in the interest of SA to have more – and by more he means more black – commercial farmers. By refusing to take part in the debates and forums these people are blocking the process and causing panic which has the opposite effect of nation-building.

It is important to note here that Afrikaner groups such as AgriSA have reportedly put suggestions on the table. This is a positive sign as it is far more patriotic to involve oneself in the debate rather than run to Australia and stoke nonsense that sees a conservative minister who clearly doesn’t follow real news shoot from the hip. And embarrass himself and his country.

To make matters worse, their little Whatsapp campaigns trying to link Eshowe to some kind of land revolt is disgusting, despicable and calculated. It is unpatriotic and is nothing more than a bunch of old untransformed dinosaurs stoking Swart Gevaar. We know the progressive forces in this country, both black and white, see through their nonsense.

Similarly, on the other side of the spectrum you have people invading land when they see fit. Leaders are encouraging their supporters to do this knowing full well the police will intervene. What are they trying to do? Are they trying to stoke another massacre that they can use to shore up public sympathy for their party? That is not patriotic. That is calculated and self-serving and outright dangerous.

We wish South Africans would all come to the party on the same page – a genuine willingness to navigate the land issue once and for all, free of unpatriotic fear-mongering and free of calculated, self-serving nefarious agendas. After all, who is supposed to benefit from land? The people of SA.