More people being mauled by pit bulls in South Africa


Zodidi Mhlana

JOHANNESBURG- There has been an increase in the number of people being killed by pit bulls in recent years according to the Pitbull Federation of South Africa.

Pitbull Federation of South Africa remarks on the matter comes after two people were mauled by pit bulls in one week.

A 27 year- old Port Elizabeth man, Ruaan Redgard was mauled to death by two pit bulls in Algoa Park on Monday night. On Wednesday, a 67 year- old woman was killed by two pit bulls in Durban.

Lins Rautenbach from the Federation on Thursday said irresponsible pit bull owners should be held liable for the killings.

“There has been a marked increase in these attacks due to the increase in popularity of the breed. With this has come indiscriminate breeding with dogs with poor temperaments. People get these dogs and they don’t train them or socialize them correctly. This is not a pit bull problem or even a power breed problem, it is an irresponsible owner problem. And it is the firm belief of the Pit Bull Federation of South Africa that any person whose dog kills another human being should be charged with murder,” Rautenbach said.

Several pit bulls’ attacks have been recorded over the past months and years.

In February this year, a former police officer was mauled to death by his own pit bull in Kraaifontein in the Western Cape. The attack left his wife fighting for her life ICU.

A three year- old Durban girl also died after she was attacked by a family pit bull last year.

With over three pit bulls having occurred this year alone, the Federation said that the breed should not be banned.

“If you ban the pit bulls, they would go for rottweilers and Boerboels. A pit bull is not a dog that will protect your property, but if you train it, it will kill people. I’ve been having these dogs for 27 years and they are not aggressive at all. We want the dogs to be sterilized, but people are breeding vicious dogs,” she said.