No ways! Enough is enough!


By: Carl Niehaus

I am a fighter, and when I am attacked – especially by hypocrites – I give it back as good as I get, and I certainly do not suffer fools easily.

However, as far as the people that I love and care for – my two daughters and my partner – I have to try and protect them against the bullies of this world.

Social media has spawned vile lecherous spineless leaches, who, when they do not like a person like me, as a public figure and politician, are too cowardly to take me on, but instead attack and turn on one’s family and loved ones.

The past week I wished both my daughter and partner, whose birthdays fall respectively on the 4th and 5th of October, happy birthdays. I expressed my love and appreciation for these two very special, lovely, ladies; and posted a couple of photos of them enjoying their respective birthdays.

To my utter dismay and disgust there were emotional retards who saw it fit to viciously attack them. In the case of my 10 year old daughter the fact that she is black and I am white, was pounced on with the most vile racist and disgusting remarks. Similarly with my partner, the color of her skin and that she is younger than me, were used as reasons to try and vilify and ridicule her, and cast aspersions on the nature of our relationship.

I responded strongly and defended their honor, and the love that we share. I am not someone to retract or delete posts on social media once I have posted them. I stand by what I say and believe in. However, for the first time I eventually decided to delete my birthday messages to the two beautiful and special ladies in my life in order to try and protect them. However, by the time I did so The Citizen newspaper had already published an article, yesterday, about the viciously unwarranted attacks that had been launched on my partner, just for having been wished a happy birthday by me. So despite having deleted my posts, the story and those people’s horrible behaviour, remain out in the public domain.

To those pathetic hypocrites who have launched these attacks on two very special, lovely, decent and warm hearted women, I say shame on you!

I have never hidden my personal life, my relationships, and friendships, are an open book and known. Unlike many others who are too damn scared and cowardly to post the photos of their partners on social media, or on their WhatsApp profiles, because they are busy double dipping, and having multiple affairs, and being sugar daddy’s all over the place, I am open about my relationship with my partner, and I am very proud of my lovely daughter Khanya, and her older sister Helen.

Amazing how some twisted characters just want to look for the negative, and try to tarnish love and beauty as vile. Isn’t it interesting how those who are so often themselves in the dark behind the door, so desperately try to place others there? …

To the hypocrites, who try to appoint themselves as the ‘morality police’ & ‘angels of morality’ I say mind your own business.

To those who have beef with me, I say I am a veteran who has now been in the hurly-burly of politics for 40 years, by all means take me on – but don’t be cry babies when I give it back to you full-blown, and with double interest. If you want to make my day, look for me, and you will certainly find me well and good!

BUT cowards stay away from my family, and loved ones, and friends! Show restraint and respect for a 10 year old child who cannot defend herself, and for a beautiful adult young woman who found love in a caring relationship.

At least respect yourselves just a little bit, not to plunge head first into the gutter! AND be warned that, if you cannot be even a little bit decent and restrain yourselves, and want to continue these vicious cowardly attacks on the people I love, I will most certainly come for you! As I have said in another post to one of those cowards who attacked my 10 year old daughter, if you wonder if this is a threat – yes it most certainly is!