New book blows lid on assassination attempts on Zuma’s life


Karabo Ngoepe

JOHANNESBURG – A new book is set to blow the lid on assassination attempts on President Jacob Zuma’s life and how western forces have been pulling the strings within the ANC for many years.

Kill Zuma By Any Means Necessary is an explosive book by businessman and politician Gayton McKenzie which is set to ruffle a lot of feathers when its released next week.

Speaking about the attempts on Zuma’s life, McKenzie said the book will provide details of a number of failed assassination plots that have never made it to the public space.

“From the poisoning attempts involving MaNtuli to another attempt at Luthuli House during a meeting of the ANC’s top six. There was near-fatal tampering to the presidential jet. One of the president’s most trusted bodyguards was operating on strict instructions to murder the old man. It’s all in the book, with the reasons why destroying Zuma has been so important to his enemies. I hope that if people can understand why Zuma is hated so much, they will actually understand what’s really in play in this country and why the stakes are so high and have always been so high. If this book achieves that, I’ll be the happiest man,” said McKenzie.

The book will also take readers to some of the events in the 1980s that set the scene for how Zuma came to learn about some of the “darkest secrets of the ANC”, including who among the party’s most senior structures was allegedly collaborating with the apartheid government and the western agencies it was working with at the time.

He was very cautious regarding how he got his hands on the information but he said he was able to verify it. He spent four months flying around and meeting with people who corroborated it.

State Capture

In his research, McKenzie said he uncovered information of how state capture started even before the ANC assumed power from the apartheid government.

“I think there are all these big lies in this country that most of us have just come to accept over time, especially the one about Jacob Zuma being our biggest problem. He is far from perfect and I’m not simply blindly defending him or his record in this book. But that’s not what it’s about. There’s more than enough of that around. I’m hoping to open people’s eyes to the fact of what state capture really is, how it’s a very old game that was long perfected before most of us even knew of the existence of Jacob Zuma. They need to understand that true state capture has actually imprisoned us all, and long ago already. The main thing I’m hoping to do is to turn people’s assumptions on their head because so much of what we think about South Africa is simply wrong. That’s a big task, and maybe this book can play a small part in changing people’s thinking and understanding of our history,” McKenzie added.

The parachuting of Cyril Ramaphosa to power

With the ANC heading to its elective conference in a few days, the book shines a spotlight on how one of the front-runners Cyril Ramaphosa was ‘parachuted’ into an important position. He also speaks of how events that transpired at Codesa hijacked the struggle.

“What went down at Codesa, for example, was the ultimate hijacking of the struggle. Young people today instinctively understand this and feel betrayed, without necessarily understanding the details and facts of how this happened. This book puts the case of what really happened quite plainly, as well as the role Cyril Ramaphosa played after being parachuted into the ANC’s top six and then appointed as the lead negotiator at Codesa in the most underhanded manner imaginable,” said McKenzie.

Influence elective conference

He said he felt compelled to release the book before the party’s elective conference to ensure that delegates vote for their candidates knowing the truth. McKenzie said he does not know what impact the book will have but he did not want to be accused of keeping such information to himself.

 “I don’t know if it will. The conference is just around the corner and people may not have time to read this book. The main reason I’ve insisted on publishing it now, though, without having any certainty or assurance about the choice those delegates are going to make, is because I don’t want to be accused later of revealing these things only when it’s ‘safe’ to do so, especially if Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma does become our first female president. I want to show the courage to state it now and say what many have been too fearful to say. I don’t want anyone to come to me and say, ‘Eh, Comrade. You knew these things. Why didn’t you warn us?’ I don’t want to be accused of knowing something that could have prevented this country from making yet another bad historic mistake and saying nothing. It’s meant long nights and hard work to try to get this book out in time, but it had to be done through a book. The information and the stories only make sense when you see the bigger picture, and that requires a lot of reading. One or two tweets and articles here and there would never be enough to convey the full impact and why this matters so much,” he said.

The book is already causing a stir without even being out. McKenzie said a chain store was told not to stock it by a big corporate supplier. McKenzie found out about it when one of the store’s managers called them asking for legal assurances and disclaimers. He added that even ANC members have approached him asking that he does not publish it as they fear it could cripple the liberation movement.

“People don’t know what to make of this book. We can’t keep pretending the ANC is even one thing, or ever was one thing. It’s always been infiltrated by spies and has been working at cross-purposes with itself; that continues to be the case even today. If the ANC has to be destroyed in one way or the other, simply because of the truth, then so be it. Maybe it can find itself again in the process,” said McKenzie.

The book will be released digitally first with hard copies set to hit the shelves before the end of December.