Moyane hires senior counsel William Mokhari as he is set to fight his suspension

Zodidi Mhlana
Johannesburg – Suspended Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (Sars), Tom Moyane has roped in the services of senior counsel William Mokhari as he prepares to fight his suspension. 
Moyane was suspended this week for how he handled the matter of his former deputy commissioner Jonas Makwakwa. He is also accused of mishandling a report given to him by the Financial Intelligence Centre, and his failure to immediately report this to the Minister of Finance.
President Cyril Ramaphosa also raised issues with the management of VAT refunds which had allegedly brought the institution into disrepute. 
Speaking to Huffingtonpost about the matter, Mokhari informed the website that he was looking into weather Moyona’s suspension could be challenged in court or not. 
“I have been approached by Mr Moyane’s attorney and asked to prepare an opinion in this regard. No decisions have been taken yet and we have not filed any papers,” Mokhari said. 
Moyane had been given an opportunity to resign by Ramaphosa, however, when he declined this, he was immediately placed on suspension. He said that Ramaphosa offered him a pay-out to resign with immediate effect. 
The suspended commissioner is of the view that his suspension was unconstitutional and that he was not given an opportunity to answer to any of the allegations.  The presidency is expected to clarify how Moyane’s disciplinary hearing will unfold.