MKMVA condemns Minister Lestatsi-Duba’s ‘ill-disciplined and factional behavior’, calls for unity and discipline in the ANC election campaign


Solly Makganoto

JOHANNESBURG- The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has on Monday said that it is dismayed by the ‘ill-disciplined and divisive’ conduct of the Minister of State Security, Dipuo LetsatsiDuba.

The movement said Letsatsi-Duba said attacked Magashule without any cause or reason.

This is after Letsatsi-Duba claimed on social media that Magashule had tampered with the ANC’s candidates list that was submitted to the IEC.

“It is evident from the facts that comrade Letsatsi-Duba peddled baseless lies on social
media that comrade Magashule had tampered with the candidate list of the ANC, based on
a photo that was taken by a staff member of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
in the offices of the IEC, while the ANC Secretary General was on request of the IEC busy
comparing the ANC electronic candidate list with the hard copy of the very same candidate
list that he submitted in person to the IEC. This the Secretary General did in compliance
with his duties as the ANC SG, and in that capacity also as Chair of the National ANC List
Committee”, said MKMVA National Spokesperson Carl Niehaus.

Niehaus said Magashule conducted his duties with regards to the finalization of the ANC
candidate list in an exemplary democratic, transparent and organizationally sound manner and therefore he should be congratulated for a job done well, under difficult circumstances.

“For comrade Letsatsi-Duba instead to deliberately miss-interpret an entirely innocent and
above board photograph as part of the malicious lies that she disseminated on social
media is unconscionable. If there was any reasonable doubt in comrade Letsatsi-Duba’s
mind – which we seriously doubt – she had as an NEC member every possible opportunity
and avenue available to her to contact comrade Magashule, check the real facts and get
her warped and crooked suspicions straightened out”.

According to Niehaus Lestatsi-Duba deliberately launched an unsubstantiated, unfair and factional attack on the Secretary-General of the ANC and further said as MKMVA, they are dismayed that one of their own behaved in a such an ill-disciplined and divisive manner.

“Through her behaviour, comrade Letsatsi-Duba characterized herself as a malicious wedge-driver, worthy of the warning that our former President, Comrade OR Tambo, issued in his closing address at the Morogoro Consultative Conference: “Be vigilant, comrades. The enemy is vigilant. Beware the wedge driver! Men/women who creep from ear to ear,
driving wedges among us; who go around creating splits and divisions. Beware the wedge
driver! Watch his/her poisonous tongue.”

“As MKMVA we strongly of the opinion that the principle that members of the ANC in general, and specifically and especially members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC, should refrain from attacking each other in the media and on public platforms, should strictly be adhered to”.

Niehaus said there are adequate internal organizational and democratic structures within the ANC for comrades to engage each other, and to clarify any uncertainties.

“To flagrantly flaunt this well-established principle, as comrade Letsatsi-Duba had done, can only be interpreted as deliberate and with factional malicious intent. The consequence of her ill-disciplined behaviour was there for all to read about on the front page of the City
Press yesterday. Such conduct is outrageous and deserving of the strongest possible
sanction and disciplinary steps!

He said such behaviour cannot be tolerated at all especially in the midst of the election campaign.

“We, therefore, call on every member of the ANC, to cease any public attacks on each other and to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner – worthy of the rich and disciplined traditions of our 107 year old Liberation Movement.

“Our revolutionary task is to forge unity and to work for a resounding victory for the ANC in the upcoming elections. It must now truly be a case of all hands on deck to defend and
advance our National Democratic Revolution!”, said Niehaus