Media leaks smack of coordinated attacks on Sekunjalo companies


CAPE TOWN – Sekunjalo has come out to say that it is aware that confidential information surrounding the mutual parting of ways between The Sekunjalo Group and its auditors, BDO South Africa, has been leaked to the media.

This is based, but not limited to, the fact that hardly a few minutes after the meeting between Sekunjalo executives and BDO the story was already published primarily by the Daily Maverick and curated by several other websites.

Sekunjalo has previously indicated to BDO that it would not be re-appointed as its companies auditors. Nothing sinister there as all listed companies do change their auditors from time to time.

However, what is really curious is that just last week Sekunjalo’s offices were raided by investigators sent by the FSCA, shortly after that we heard claims by the PIC in Parliament that it wanted to liquidate Sekunjalo, and now BDO’s communique is leaked just minutes after their meeting.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a coordinated attack, through the use of powerful state and highly connected entities.

The market is filled with rumours of Minister Pravin Gordhan’s influence over some media houses’ content as well as claims that a well-known journalist, who we would rather not name, for now, is the link between Gordhan and those media houses.

Sekunjalo chairperson Dr. Iqbal Survé has previously said in several instances that his companies were being targeted because Independent Media were not toeing the line.

Several commentators have noted that while several media houses have opted to drop the reporting of the Sars rogues units, independent media continue to report freely on it including the public protector’s findings.

There appears to be a coordinated attack on Sekunjalo-related since these media reports.

Sources close to Gordhan have said that he is livid that Survé employed journalists Piet Rampedi and Mzilikazi Wa Afrika and considered that a declaration of war.

Gordhan was at pains to discredit Rampedi and Wa Afrika and their re-appearance at Independent and the subsequent confirmation of the Sars rogue unit angered him.

Commentators have noted that while several media houses have opted to drop the issue of Sars rogue units Independent Media has not and the coordinated attack on Sekunjalo-related companies has intensified.

It was after their appointment that the attacks on Sekunjalo companies intensified and were escalated to include the use of state entities.

When asked to comment on Gordhan’s role in the BDO matter Survé said he did not wish to comment other than state that this was an opportunity to appoint black-owned firms.

Everything considered, there is a really dark hand at play here with Gordhan’s fingerprints all over.

This article first appeared in the Business Report Online