John de Bruin jumps ship to join Patriotic Alliance


Staff Reporter 

JOHANNESBURG- Former Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor, John de Bruin has joined a long list of DA members who have recently tendered their resignations in support of former Cape Town mayor, Patrica de Lille.

De Bruin resigned on Monday to officially join the Patriotic Alliance (PA) in the lead-up to 2019 general elections.

Speaking to Africa News 24-7, De Bruin said that his decision to join the PA was based on their policies and resolutions of which he believed had good structures in place and that they are a fast growing party which looks after the interest of the people.

“The PA has done well in their province within a very short time. We come from different cultures and we must carry each other along. If all of us join hands and stand together we can reach the dream of a better South Africa,” said De Bruin.

Councillor John de Bruin (left) has joined the Patriotic Alliance. FILE PHOTO: Supplied

According to De Bruin, the DA is using coloureds and blacks for window dressing, whilst pushing agenda and interests of the white minority in their ranks.

Furthermore, De Bruin urged disgruntled coloured and black members of the DA that they should keep in mind that it’s only themselves who can turn the tide.

“They are the ones to make the cross at the party, which is the PA who will lead them to the land of milk and honey”.

“My belief is that the PA will perform above their own expectations because the eyes of our people have opened to empty promises, looting and self-enrichment by opposition parties,” said De Bruin.