It’s time for President Zuma to be heard


By: Calvin Le John

I will not ponder on the credentials of President Zuma as a combatant of the MK or as a loyal cadre of the African National Congress when only a few stood resolute in the fight against injustice. President Zuma’s credentials are unquestionable, his loyalty tried, tested and unwavering.

On Monday, 15 July 2019, President Zuma making his first appearance at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, spoke of a plot by both foreign and domestic intelligence agencies to reduce his influence in the ANC, and ultimately remove him from the structures of the ANC.

He further stated that this ploy has been ongoing since the early 90s. The bid to remove him has taken shape in many forms, from assassination attempts to court action, followed by protests, motions of no confidence and many propaganda mechanisms. The strategy as you can see is quite extensive. This pillory was because he had acquired a list of all those that collaborated with the apartheid regime after he interrogated Comrade ‘Fear’, the MK commander Cyril Raymond, an informer of the apartheid security police.

For the past 20 or so years, much has been said or rather much has been alleged about President Zuma. It’s as if he lives in a perpetual state of being accused number one, never being accorded the chance to state his case.

In the past few days, I came across a Facebook post by Comrade Patric Mellet in which he calls President Zuma a fake, pep store clothed MK veteran. Having read Cde Mellet’s post, I questioned how a “protege” of President Tambo would undermine the credentials of other comrades who like him, joined the ANC in defiance of the Apartheid government.

I had other questions too; “How would someone in their right state of mind accuse the former head of intelligence and former head of state, of not knowing anything of the infiltration of spies in MK and the ANC?”.

What further puzzled my mind was: “how a frequent visitor of the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia could even be taken seriously in discussions of who is and who is not a spy?”

Lastly, I could not understand how a glorified graphic designer of the ANC could even have views on President Zuma being a spy. However, I will not reduce myself to his level. I acknowledge Comrade Mellet’s contribution to the struggle and understand that I have no leg to stand on in questioning his credentials. I, unlike him, thankfully know my place.

President Zuma, along with other senior comrades of the ANC, has raised a very critical issue of the infiltration of spies in the ANC. I cannot understand why there are so many attempts to silence him on this issue and reduce his testimony to pure hogwash when he is not the only Comrade to speak on infiltration. There is a video that has recently surfaced on social media in which President Mbeki says that President Zuma’s statements on infiltration are true and “that it is a difficult matter to deal with because the Askaris are like family friends, dealing with them would tear apart the ANC”.

This video clip of President Mbeki leaves us with more questions than answers…. think about how many spies there could be in the ANC, how powerful they have become within the organization, and whether they are only in the ANC or have they also infiltrated the alliance. It is my view that President Zuma needs to be persuaded to reveal the list of these Askaris, we want to know who gave the locations of MK camps to the security forces; who fingered combatants that were in South Africa; who orchestrated the assassination of comrade Chris Hani, and most importantly, the names of those askaris that continue to serve in the structures of the organization.

In conclusion, much has been said about President Zuma, some truth, some lies, all we need now is “His version of events”. It is time for those rats that acted as rat catchers for the regime to be brought to account, it is time for President Zuma to be heard and Askaris to be exposed.

#FeesMustFall activist, Calvin Le John. FILE PHOTO: Supplied