What hit Athol Trollip will also strike Solly Msimanga – EFF


PRETORIA, August 30 – Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters in the Tshwane Council angrily walked out of chambers, threatening to approach courts, after Speaker Rachel Mathebe dismissed a motion of no confidence against Mayor Solly Msimanga.

“Wait a bit, let me tell you something. Speaker, we are going to have a problem with you now. You know what, Speaker, you have disallowed our motion now and you are out of order. As the EFF we are not going to allow this thing to happen,” said EFF Tshwane regional leader, Benjamin Disoloane.

“Our motion complied with everything. We have done almost everything, Speaker. We even consulted your office, so that today, we would not experience what you are saying now.”

Disoloane said if the Tshwane Council Speaker does not rescind her decision, the opposition party would approach courts.

“Are you withdrawing your ruling?” Disoloane asked Mathebe.

She responded: “No, my ruling stands.”

Disoloane went on: “Alright if you are going to continue with these shenanigans of yours, knowing very well that you’re out of order, we’re going to make sure that we take you to court. We will make sure that you comply. You are trying everything to disturb our motion because we are dealing with your mayor.

“The community of Tshwane must know that what happened to [Athol] Trollip there, is going to happen here. We are not going to give up. We are going to fight and ensure that Solly Msimanga is not the mayor of this city,” said Disoloane before members of the EFF walked out of council.

Earlier, Mathebe ruled that the motion of no confidence brought by the EFF did not comply with the rules.

“As a Speaker, my ruling has to be based on reasonableness. If I were to look at the two motions [the other brought by the ANC], the motion by the EFF does not comply with this thing [regulation] which says a written proposal must be submitted. This is just a one-liner,” said Mathebe.

“It did not follow the rules. My ruling on the matter is final. If you don’t agree, you know what to do.”

Council had not dealt with the motion brought by the ANC.

Msimanga, a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA) has incurred the wrath of the EFF and the ANC who has accused him of presiding over corruption and maladministration.

Earlier this week, in a shock move, Nelson Mandela Bay’s DA Mayor Athol Trollip was booted from office and replaced by his nemesis the United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) Mongameli Bobani.

The embattled Msimanga on Thursday told the council that he was proud of his two-year track record at the helm of South Africa’s capital city.

– African News Agency (ANA)