Gayton McKenzie responds to EFF’s insults


To EFF Leadership,

We have learnt with little shock of the insults from the EFF and its refusal to support the PA candidate, Marlon Daniels, for the position of Mayor.

All opposition parties, which consisted of the ANC, EFF, UDM, UF and PA, were invited by the AIC to sit around the table and find a solution to the ongoing problems of the poorest of the poor in Nelson Mandela Bay.

After listening to all the councillors of these respective parties, a decision was made to change the current government. All parties signed and handed in a petition requesting an urgent council sitting whereby we would vote the DA out.

A second meeting was arranged and we were hosted by the EFF in Braamfontein. Due to the lack of agreement on the selection of a Mayoral Candidate between the UDM’s candidate and the PA’s, a vote was subsequently taken. Everyone except the EFF voted for the PA candidate, and thus the PA candidate was accepted as the winner. All of this took
place in good spirits.

After lunch, the meeting moved to more pressing issues about governance and how best to deliver to the people of Nelson Mandela Bay.

The EFF later that same evening released a statement in which they called the PA unrepentant fraudsters and thugs. They further said they would not support the PA candidate.

The enmity between myself and Mr. Malema is well known. We have had huge personal disagreements and have hurled many insults at each other at every opportunity.
The PA, however, is the kingmaker in Nelson Mandela Bay. The government cannot be changed without our help in this metro. Whoever thinks it is possible without the PA is either dishonest or misinformed about the workings of local government. They tried without our support before, and failed.

We have, however, seen the suffering of the poor in Nelson Mandela Bay. Few leaders in the PA, including myself, are career politicians. We are rather people who have dedicated our lives to create effectual change in the lives of those who need it most.

Real life-altering change cannot be achieved in an arena where the human ego is still the biggest decision maker. It would be easy for a person in a position of power to use an opportunity such as this to let pride cloud his judgment and let him fulfil a personal agenda.

This is not the route we are willing to take at the cost of human lives. There are innocent children’s futures at stake and it would be inhumane to compromise the livelihoods of many, as well as generations to come because of personal feuds. We cannot let our personal disgruntlement with the leadership of the EFF hold the people of Nelson Mandela Bay hostage to their suffering.

The PA is therefore willing to remove its candidacy for the mayoral position.

We have many choice insults we can offer the EFF in return, but we shall refrain because this is not the time for such games.

What they have done, however, raises worrying questions about how serious they actually are about removing Athol Trollip as the mayor. Their insults towards us could easily have scuttled our fragile deal, thereby retaining Trollip as mayor under the pretext of “opposition infighting”.

The EFF has had no problem voting into power and keeping in power unrepentant racists and colonialists in other metros. But we will not give the EFF any excuse to retain the DA in power, and then allow them to point the finger at us for it.

The PA was democratically chosen to lead Nelson Mandela Bay at the EFF’s offices. But clearly the EFF does not respect democracy when the democratic process doesn’t favour the EFF or is convenient for it to accept.

A wise man once said he puts only one fist in the air because he has to hold back other Blacks with his other hand. We at the PA will opt to put both fists in the air.

Honour is everything, and we shall honour our signature on the document we signed for the removal of the current DA government.

See EFF’s insults below: