Fire racist Welkom mayor – Khoisan Defiance Campaign


By: Sello Theletsane

The Khoisan Defiance Campaign has called on the ANC of sack Matjhabeng executive mayor Nkosenjani Speelman who was seen in a video calling on the army to deal with coloureds residing in Bronville, a coloured township outside Welkom in the Free State.

In a video that has since gone viral, Speelman can be heard addressing an SANDF parade during which he referred to coloured people residing in Bronville as Boesmanne (Bushmen). Speelman went on further, calling on the soldiers “to go out there and show them that you are soldiers”. He accused people in Bronville of drinking and thereafter going go the streets, in violation of lockdown restrictions. The mayor also expressed his wish for soldiers to remain in the area “for more or less two years”.

In a statement Khoisan Defiance Campaign spokesman Sammy Claassen accused the ANC of failing the Coloured people of Bronville. “The Executive Mayor of Welkom instructed the army to use violence against Coloured people because they are boesmans and drunkards,” said Claassen.

“Coloured people fear that they are now targeted and under attack by the army. Such an instruction will lead to brutal force and violence because of the colour of their skin, their ethnicity and race. This mayor, a senior official of the ANC has violated our Constitution and the Constitution of the ANC without fearing any form of ramifications or repercussions by the Municipality and or the ANC. Both are quite and has gone underground on this kind of racism by its Mayor.”

Asked Claassen: “Why has the ANC not acted or publicly rejected the utterances of the Executive Mayor of Welkom?” “The Mayor of Welkom should have been fired already by the ANC. The ANC has not rejected, condemned or rap a word about the Mayor of Welkom, Alderman Speelman unlawful hate speech against the Coloured Community of Bronville.”

“Here we have a top official of the ANC at a formal government joint operation and briefing session specifically instructing SANDF to act with violence against Coloured people because they are “Boesmans and drunkards”. This instruction by the Mayor is filled with hate speech, racism and discrimination on Coloured people as a group.”

Claassen added: “This form of tribalism, ethnic violence and oppression against Coloured people is not new. It must stop immediately. We call upon all the Coloured people to pause, take stock, unite, mobilise and to take a stand. We need to defy this blatant tribalism and stand in solidarity as one people. This we need to do for the shake of our children future and their interest to live in a free and non racial society.”

We condemn the silence of the ANC on this matter. We reject any form of violence against coloured people by any forces of the army and police that is based on our skin colour and social and economic position. We call on the Mayor of Welkom and the ANC to account with immediate effect.”

“We will be referring this case as a matter of urgency to be investigated for hate speech, racism, discrimination to the Human Rights Commission today. In addition to this we will be laying complaints with the ANC as well.”

Claassen said because of the lockdown and Covid 19 situation, his organisation was not allowed to have public demonstrations. “Therefore, as a form of protest and public demonstrations we call on all our people whether black, coloured or white if you are a believer of a non racial society and a free South Africa. We then call on you to please share this media statement. If everyone SHARE it we will show our disgust and rejection of racism and hate speech.”

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