F4SD supports SACP-led Metsimaholo municipality


RUSTENBURG – Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) support the South African Communist Party (SACP) for service delivery and betterment of living conditions in Metsimaholo, the civic movement said on Saturday.

“The power borrowed to SACP to lead a coalition government in Metsimaholo is conditional to our people receiving quality services and good governance,” F4SD leader Mbahare Kekana said.

“F4SD put that [its support] for the SACP capable forebears Chris Hani and first minister of housing, Joe Slovo, who were selfless and dedicated their lives fighting for the poor and marginalised communities.”

Kekana said no party approached the F4SD after the by-election in Metsimaholo on November 29. “No one approached us, we went to council without knowing who are we voting with and for what … F4SD has aligned itself with the Metsimaholo Civic Association as a voting block due to both movements being civic society.

“For the F4SD it is not about occupying positions in Metsimaholo but to ensure the exercise of power by whoever is elected to serve the residents of Metsimaholo.”

He said after the first council meeting which collapsed, small parties went to a meeting and it was agreed that the SACP should be in charge of the municipality. The ANC gave small parties their votes, in return it was given the speaker’s post.

Lindiwe Tshongwe of the SACP was elected executive mayor, Thabo Mabala  of the ANC was elected the speaker and the chief whip of the council position went to Victor Nyembe of Metsimaholo Community Association (MCA).

Kekana said for going into coalition with the SACP, they would be given a mayoral committee position.

The SACP is now governing its first municipality after it contested the election on its own. It has reached a coalition government agreement with the ANC, F4SD, Metsimaholo Civic Association and the African Independent Congress.

The SACP in the Free State said it welcomed the election of the political leadership collective of the municipality.

“The SACP congratulates comrade Lindiwe Tshongwe for being elected as executive mayor, the historic first under the emblem of the SACP in South Africa. We also congratulate comrade Thabo Mabasa and comrade Victor Nyembe for being elected Speaker and Council Whip, respectively,” said F4SD provincial secretary Bheke Stofile.

“The SACP is pleased that following rigorous consensus seeking consultation and discussions, there was convergence, in the best interest of the working class and community, to build a stable and functional municipality. We call on the new leadership of the municipality to build a responsive, efficient and accountable municipality.”

He called on communities to be active participants and contributors in building a Metsimaholo they want.

“The municipal leadership should strengthen and deepen ties with the community through ongoing democratic consensus-seeking consultation and delivery of services.

“We wish the elected leadership collective all the best in their new responsibility and call on them to respond selflessly and with humility to the responsibility entrusted on them to serve the people wholeheartedly.”

Metsimaholo in the Free State was forced to hold by-elections after the fragile coalition government between the EFF, Democratic Alliance and MCA collapsed.

The Free State provincial government was forced to dissolve the municipality after it failed to approve its budget.

African News Agency (ANA)