“DA corruption, maladministration sinks Tshwane”

Sello Theletsane 


JOHANNESBURG – The ANC in Tshwane has accused the DA administration in the Tshwane  Metro of maladministration, corruption and failure to deliver basic services. In a statement, the ANC said failure by the DA administration to host the annual New Year’s Eve celebration, an important event in the city’s calendar was proof that the city “has now completely sunk to an all-time low level of poor service delivery”.

“It is now almost six (6) months since the big exposition and reveal about the Glad Africa grand scale historic corruption scandal broke, precipitating a vexatious state of service delivery in the City,” said the ANC Tshwane Caucus in a statement. “The City has now completely sunk to an all-time low level of poor service delivery due to the on-going fight between the Executive Mayor (Mr Solly “Poster Boy of Corruption” Msimanga) and the City Manager”
The ANC said at the heart of the fight was the Glad Africa corruption scandal and irregular appointments of senior staff in the Office of the Executive Mayor. The party said both the Executive Mayor and the City Manager had taken each other to court over these matters.
“The Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) has now confirmed and made a finding that the Glad Africa contract was unlawful and irregular. Unfortunately for the residents of Tshwane, the DA-led corrupt administration has already paid half a billion rands (R500 million) over to Glad Africa illegally and irregularly. We hope the money will be recovered by law enforcement agencies. We suspect (due to sources) that the money might be used to fund political campaigns in 2019 elections.”
The ANC said in October 2018, the Council was forced to approve a report for the DA-led corrupt administration to borrow R1.5 Billion to pay creditors, the situation has now gone from bad to worse.
“As if the appalling state of service delivery in the City is not enough, the local state has now dropped an important event on the City’s calendar – the New Year’s Eve celebration. The latter is due to a squabble between the Executive Mayor and City Manager. The embattled City Manager, Moeketsi Mosola, has refused to sign for the approval of anything related to the corruption-prone Executive Mayor’s office, including the New Year’s Eve event grinding the wheels of service delivery to a screeching halt.”
Tshwane city manager Moeketsi Mosola. FILE PHOTO: twitter
“We note that the cancellation of this event will have negative effects on the cultural and heritage tourism of the City. Social cohesion and the economic spinoffs that are usually attained in hosting this kind of event will not be realized, same as the benefit SMME’s derive from the spending on this event. This has now become a trend with all social and cultural events that have benefitted our people in the recent past being either cancelled or disinvested from by the corrupt DA-led City administration.”
“The failures of the DA Administration are now bare for all to see. The ANC caucus in Tshwane reiterates its call for ethical leadership and honest stewardship in the City – we again ask the Minister of CoGTA, the Gauteng Premier and MEC of CoGTA to act in an honourable manner and do justice to the vulnerable people of Tshwane and immediately place the City under administration; we’ve had enough! Our people have been subjected to disservice for the two longest years under an uncaring DA-led corrupt City administration.”