Continued antics by the ousted party are unwarranted – ANC Joburg Caucus


By: Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG- The ANC Joburg Caucus has on Thursday expressed its disdain with the latest mischievous attempt by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to derail democratic processes in the City of Johannesburg Council.

The ANC Joburg Caucus said that the continued antics by the ousted party are not only unwarranted but also reflective of their desperation to hold on to power at any cost.

“It is disingenuous of the DA to question the legitimacy of the duly elected Speaker of Council, Cllr Nonceba Molwele as her election was in accordance with the Standing Rules and Orders of Council,” said the movement.

“In relation to the supposedly ‘illegal’ meeting called by the Speaker of Council on Friday February 7, 2020, it should be noted that according to the Standing Rules and Orders of Council, the Speaker may call an extraordinary Council meeting to conduct business outside the scheduled meetings. As it stands, the positions of Council Chief Whip, Chairperson of Chairpersons (Chair of Chairs) and several Chairpersons are vacant,” said the ANC Joburg Caucus.

“According to the rules, it is permissible for the Speaker to call for nominations of the vacant positions by forwarding nomination forms to political parties within 10 days after a vacancy has occurred. The provision that the nominations must be submitted to the Speaker before the next scheduled Council meeting does not dissuade the Speaker from convening an extraordinary meeting earlier in order to ensure that the election of the aforementioned positions is held and the vacancies are filled,” said the movement.

According to the ANC Joburg Caucus, tomorrow’s meeting stems mostly from the fact that for at least six months, a number of vacancies of Chairpersons have been open, which the DA seemingly had no inclination to fill. “How the DA has interpreted this as irrationality on the Speaker’s part is perplexing. The previous Speaker failed to call for nominations by forwarding nomination forms to the Whips of political parties within 10 days of a vacancy occurring. This caused instability on affected Committees in executing their duties and subsequently a delay on the business of the Legislature.”

As the newly-elected Government of Local Unity, we are committed to working towards the betterment of the lives of residents of the City of Johannesburg and this starts with ensuring that we have a fully functional Legislature.