‘Broke Road Accident Fund blows millions to sit pretty’ – Report


JOHANNESBURG, July 1 – The bankrupt Road Accident Fund (RAF) is paying R1666 per month per chair in a furniture rental contract, the Sunday Times reported.

Picture credit: facebook.com

The contract for the rental of 300 chairs at R500,000 a month came after a bid was scuppered to push through an even more audacious five-year R60 million furniture rental contract with the same company in March, the newspaper reported.

“The extravagance will be a bitter pill to swallow for cash-strapped South African motorists who will have to cough up for yet another price increase at the petrol pumps next week. The RAF, which is technically insolvent with contingent liabilities of close to R190 billion, pockets R1.93 for every litre of petrol sold,” the Sunday Times reported. (ANA)