Bashir fails to appear in court, trial postponed to August 17


JOHANNESBURG, August 1 – The trial of Omar al-Bashir, the ousted leader of Sudan who failed to appear in court on Wednesday due to security reasons, has been rescheduled to begin on August 1.

The head of his defence team, Ahmed Al Tahir, meanwhile, asserts that there is no political background to the trial and that the accusations against his infamous client are baseless criminal charges, the East African reported.

Bashir, who first appeared in court on June 16 after he was deposed on April 11, is facing charges of “possessing foreign currency, corruption and receiving gifts illegally”.

According to Tahir one of the charges against the former Sudanese president relates to about seven million euros which were given as a “grant by a donor and was not included in the state budget”.

However, according to Sudan’s army ruler, General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan, more than $113 million worth of cash in three currencies was seized from Bashir’s residence.

A team of police, army and security agents found seven million euros ($7.8 million), $350,000 and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105 million).

Last December’s protests against the dictator started because of the high price of bread, and other economic woes, and grew into a rebellion over the lack of individual rights and political freedom.

– African News Agency (ANA)