Another DA councillor joins Patriotic Alliance


By: Sello Theletsane

JOHANNESBURG- Former DA Councillor, Fazel Jaffer, has joined the Patriotic Alliance (PA), stating that the DA’s focus has shifted away from assisting the residents of Eldorado Park.

Following the resignation of former DA councillor Peter Rafferty, who also joined the PA from the DA in 2020, the DA decided not to replace Councillor Rafferty as the ward councillor in ward 17.

Instead they instructed Councillor Jaffer to fulfil the role for both wards 17 and 18. Despite numerous complaints to the caucus leadership by the councillor, the DA refused to fill councillor Rafferty’s role.

The lack of interest from the DA’s provincial legislature in assisting the coloured communities living in Eldorado Park was the main driving factor of Councillor Jaffer in making the decision to join the PA.

“He is welcomed with gratitude and excitement,” McKenzie said