ANC top six in deadly ‘game of thrones’


Ayanda Mdluli

The daggers in the ANC top six are out and its three against three with a firm line having been drawn in the sand.


Currently, the movement is besieged by a series of political manoeuvres being put in place by opposing personalities as they scramble to oust one another in order to usurp power.


The hall ways of Luthuli House have become a haven of plots, political intrigue, deception, side-eyes and calculative manipulations that are preceding a potentially bloody political battle that is set to drive the wedge of factional divisions even deeper than what transpired when Jacob Zuma took over the presidency in Polokwane back in 2009.


Africa News 24-7 has reliably learnt that current ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa wants his deputy David Mabuza (DD) and ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule out of their positions as soon as possible. Ramaphosa delivered his first State of the Nation Address on Friday evening after Jacob Zuma was recalled and forced to resign last week.


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Sources close to the political developments at Luthuli house have confirmed that both men might face the axe as they are viewed as the only remaining threats within the top six of the ANC who might derail Ramaphosa’s rise to power. According to our source in the ANC NEC who spoke on condition of anonymity as the sensitivity of the information could place him or her in a compromising position, Ramaphosa wants to replace Ace Magashule with Senzo Mchunu. The former defeated the latter at the 54th ANC Elective Conference in Nasrec towards the end of last year by a narrow margin of 67 votes.


On the flip side, it is also being said that Mabuza is busy calculating how he can oust Ramaphosa in order to usurp power for himself and is said to have forged an uneasy alliance with current ANC Treasurer General Paul Mashatile, as it is an open secret that Ramaphosa favours the interests of white-owned major corporations that made him a multibillionaire after the CODESA negotiations and democratic elections post 1994.


“He (Ramaphosa) is definitely trying to push Ace out. Ramaphosa wants Ace out so that he can put in Senzo Mchunu. However, what Ramaphosa does not realise is that Mabuza and Mashatile are already plotting to usurp power from him when the time comes. He is already starting to make mistakes by being seen as someone who favours white business interests more at the expense of ANC policies that aim for mass inclusion of blacks in our mainstream economy,” explained our source.


Mabuza is said to have an insatiable thirst for the Presidency and is said to be calculating his next moves very diligently, as Ramaphosa scrambles for allies who will help him purge and neutralize those who are perceived as a threat to cementing his power post 2019.


“Mabuza wants to go for the Presidency, and he wants it now because there is already a purge taking place, particularly in the Free State. There are many arrests being made by the Hawks, and any idiot can see that this is now being done in order to neutralise the support base of Ramaphosa’s enemies. There is some serious purging that is going on in the ANC and it is killing the movement in the Free State which is a big mistake and undermines all the calls for unity that were made prior to the elective conference. Even KwaZulu-Natal is not happy about how Zuma was removed from the Presidency in Ramaphosa’s attempt to consolidate power,” the source said.


A senior official at the Hawks who did not want to be named confirmed that a dossier was being put together by the organisation which is implicating Mabuza and Magashule in a web of corrupt allegations. The official also confirmed that Ramaphosa is giving instructions to the Hawks directly, with a list of who should be targeted for investigation. He refused to comment further for fear reprisal but did state that since Ramaphosa took over they have been going into “over drive” to find and charge as many people on our “radar” as possible.


Another official who is part of the ANC NEC explained: “It is not a case of who is being divided. The daggers are out. Mabuza and Paul want Cyril gone and they know that ACE and Jessie will support them. Cyril wants DD and Ace out, yes that is 100% correct. He wants Mchunu in and Sisulu to deputise. He is defiantly not compromising on that. Cyril believes that Paul is on his side, but he is siding with DD (Mabuza). This is the most divided top six in the ANC. What is funny is that when DD pushed for Cyril he knew that he will slip up at some point. When he sold out he knew that he will not be able to oust NDZ because she does not take instructions from outside the ANC like Cyril. DD manipulated his way into the top six, make no doubt about that. The question now is who are the lesser evils between the two? The cold and calculating manipulator or Cyril, who takes his instructions from major corporates? This why DD chose Cyril because he thinks it will be easy for him to take over and usurp power,” he said.