ANC donation was not returned, says Sekunjalo


The Sekunjalo Group has, since the advent of democracy in South Africa, been one of the key supporters of the ANC in order to support the liberation struggle. We do so as part of the liberation dividend and to deepen democracy in our country.

We have been inundated by the media asking us to confirm a statement released by Lionel Adendorff of the ANC Western Cape, regarding the return of the donation made by Sekunjalo to the ANC for the purposes of election day logistics, in particular, towards food parcels for volunteers.
It should be noted that our donation came as a direct result of the request from the ANC Western Cape for donations for election day food parcels and logistics for volunteers.
There has been no formal communication to Sekunjalo from the ANC Western Cape (WC) regarding the return of the donation. On the contrary, we have been advised by ANC officials in the WC that the money has already been disbursed to all the regions for the express purpose of why it was donated.  
We have been informed that the instruction to return the funds came from Mondli Gungubele, the Deputy Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Public Investment Committee (PIC). Dr Iqbal Survé is on record at the PIC Commission of Inquiry, as having reported that Gungubele has made statements to the effect that he will use his positions to “crush” Sekunjalo and related companies, including Independent Media.
We see this effort by Gungubele for what it is – nothing but a deliberate attempt to tarnish the reputation of Sekunjalo and Dr Survé. It is our understanding that Gungubele has done so without having agreement from the officials of the ANC in the Western Cape.  
It is regrettable that Gungubele uses a personal and political vendetta against Dr Survé to undermine legitimate support for our democracy and for the ANC. This is another example of how Gungubele has used his position at the PIC to run a malicious campaign against Sekunjalo and Dr Survé and associated companies. It once again demonstrates a blatant disregard for due process and is an illustration of an agenda-driven endeavour to undermine one of the foremost successful black investment groups in South Africa.
Dr Survé has said that Gungubele’s conduct is regrettable. His attempt to undermine Sekunjalo will be resisted. 
Dr Survé is confident that we have the support of democrats in holding to account those in power like Gungubele who abuse their positions to fight personal and political vendettas.
Sekunjalo will request a meeting, after the elections, with the ANC WC to clarify the position of the region in relation to this statement and Gungubele. 
This article first appeared on IOL