Argentinian girl, 11, denied abortion gives birth to rapist’s child


Buenos Aires – Amnesty International on Thursday blasted authorities in Tucuman province after an 11-year-old Argentinian girl raped by her grandmother’s boyfriend was subjected to a Caesarian section a month after beginning to ask for a legal pregnancy termination.

“When you delay legal abortion access to a raped 11-year-old girl, you are violating her basic human rights,” Amnesty wrote on Twitter.

Abortion is illegal in Argentina, however the country allows a pregnancy to be terminated in cases of rape or risk to the mother’s life. Amnesty said that the Tucuman girl, called “Lucia” to protect her identity, “clearly met the criteria.”

“Both the girl and her mother expressed clearly and in a timely manner their intention to interrupt the pregnancy to protect the health and life of the girl,” Amnesty International Argentina said in a statement.

From the moment Lucia first went to hospital at 19 weeks in Tucuman, in Argentina’s north east, until the Caesarian, she found “a network of deliberately imposed obstacles and delays with the sole objective of preventing access to her human right,” Amnesty charged.

“National and provincial authorities, either by action or by omission, exposed the girl to a context of torture and ill-treatment and put her life and health at risk.”

On Tuesday night, when she was in the 23rd week, Lucia underwent a Caesarian section, according to El Pais newspaper. The baby was born at 600 grams and is not likely to survive.

“The health system never hindered or delayed the termination,” Tucuman Public Health Minister Rossana Chahla told the press on Wednesday, claiming that the mother expressed “fear of termination.” (dpa)