Former Kenyan VP alleges assassination attempt


JOHANNESBURG, January 31 (ANA) – Former Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has said an assassination attempt was carried out against him after gunmen fired at his home and a grenade was detonated early Wednesday morning.

AP reported that the attack occurred hours after Musyoka’s police security was withdrawn and he had been blocked from attending a mock inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday in protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new term after months of deadly election turmoil.

A shocked Musyoka described the attack as clearly political, adding that after the police security had been withdrawn he felt vulnerable and had hired a private security firm but never expected any potential attack to go that far.

The presence of private security, however, probably prevented the attackers from entering the opposition activist’s home and hurting those inside.

Meanwhile, Odinga’s counter “inauguration” went ahead after the coalition opposition party, the National Super Alliance (Nasa), he leads swore to never recognise Kenyatta’s government, describing it as “illegitimate”.

However, the government cut live transmission from the country’s top three TV channels as tens of thousands gathered in a Nairobi park.

The clamp down on the media followed warnings by Kenyatta last Friday to shut down and revoke the licenses of any media house that aired live broadcasts, the Kenya Editors Guild said in a statement.

During his “swearing-in” the opposition leader said the East African country was  returning to an “authoritarian, imperial presidency rule by fist, and this must be resisted.”

Later on Odinga updated his Twitter profile to “President of the Republic of Kenya.”

Responding to the mock inauguration, the Kenyan government has labelled Nasa’s ‘National Resistance Movement’ – a loose coalition of opposition lawmakers – a criminal group, paving the way for potential arrests.

– African News Agency (ANA)