‘This game of politics excites me’


Botsang Moiloa

I once said Cyril Ramaphosa will not be on the 2019 national elections ballot paper. And should he be there, it will just but a matter of time when we shall see Patrice Motsepe ascend to be the President of the Republic loved by business and those who think like Gwede. That he is clean and rich therefore he cannot steal.

This game of politics excites me. While the Zuma faction’s side of the camp is becoming stronger daily, the businessmen club are moving fast to bring new heads and influences into politics. It is not just business but numbers as well. Lekganyane and Zwelithini both have numbers. Patrice Motsepe has the purse. All they need is to use the media and the DA’s concept of running with the voting for the President (Person) and not the Party in Presidential elections. It would be easy to change that part of the Constitution as most political parties favour that system already. Anyway we all know that money talks.

So as we watch Pravin putting SOEs into a quick wholesale before the Zuma faction makes its right moves soon, we also observe how the weakened President of the republic is shooting everywhere to safeguard his term as ANC and Country leader come elections next year including concerts, and there is no better place to look at than swaar who has the purse and can afford the King and the Bishop who between them have numbers.

Wait, but there is a little problem there and that problem is Julius. So the plan is to expose that one, deal with his utterances quickly using his former media friends. But he seems to be fighting back and not appreciating Motsepe being elevated.

Only a few paid attention to the statement by the Deputy President on return from Russia. Has anybody noted that he said these words “If the people who put me there as DP, do not want me anymore, they must make me know and I shall respect their decision”?

For some of us, this meant a lot. The Thuma Mina Brigade is both the player and the victim. They know the art of war whereby you create chaos and confusion in order to implement your envisaged grand plan. The same way they are staging load shedding in the middle of summer

We are watching.