Our country is being invaded while we fight each other

Andile Lungisa
They have collapsed the entire VBS Bank just to search for the loan of Zuma and still found nothing in his name, now Stratcom media is frustrated. This Zuma is carrying an atomic bomb; there’s no way this pursuit is linked to corruption. Whites know something about him but won’t tell you.
We have seen many crimes before, including a cash heist at OR Tambo airport where R200-million was reportedly stolen but life moved on like it is at Steinhoff but this Zuma has been on the lips of racists for over 10 years – wenzeni loBaba?
Not even a single apartheid criminal or event spent time in the media like President Zuma. It’s been over 10 years bombarded with a Zuma on daily basis. Newspapers, radio stations, whites and blacks are up in arms, the daily bread is the name “Zuma”.
The entire country has been on standstill in pursuit of a man called President Zuma for over 10 years. Forums, discussions, news, meetings, debates and dialogues never end without the Zuma name being brought up. He has no army, no guns or knives, his only weapon is a huge smile. Imamba emnyama!
We have seen many dangerous criminals, serial killers, thieves, looters, cash heist gangs like Markus Jooste and Christo Wiese in South Africa but there’s only one name that has been on your TV screens, front and back pages on daily basis for the past 10 years, the name is “Zuma”.
EFF leaders pretend to be fighting President Zuma over principles, misleading their followers knowing very well that their issue with Zuma is personal. Guptas are the biggest distraction used to settle personal, political and factional vendettas. Open your eyes – politicians are using you.
I read the VBS report. Like many propaganda reports, it is riddled with poisonous and incomplete contents but Thuli Madonselas set up a dangerous precedent and they were cheered as heroes by some of the implicated politicians like the Shivambus of this country. These types of reports are for reactionaries.
Whites will use all petty scandals like Nkandla, State Capture and VBS to maintain their divide and conquer strategy so that you all take your eyes away from the main ball which is the land.
Thuli Madonsela, a tool for racists currently working in their headquarters in Stellenbosch, wrote a shoddy State Capture report which earned its casualty Nhlanhla Nene – her bosses’ favourite – yet Nene was absolved by this report and here you still believe these propaganda reports.
If the highly praised yet shoddy State Capture report by Thuli Madonsela was so good as it is often purported, why did Nene become its first casualty while he was a white man and Thuli favourite? Nene was not implicated by this so-called world class report yet he is out first – how?
These reports are cooked for propaganda reasons to divert from pertinent issues affecting masses of black people.
I’m not defending anyone implicated at VBS, but it has become a norm that any monies associated with blacks which happen to leave whites uncomfortable are viewed as crime proceeds. You can issue a report without even seeing a need to interview these blacks implicated.
Whites aren’t just gunning for President Zuma but for all black people, especially your favourite cults/politicians. President Zuma is just a grand entrance because he is the toughest cookie of them all. They are coming for Malema, Mbeki to Ramaphosa, to name few and Ramaphosa is the weakest of them all.
Some are now comparing Zumas to Shivambus – the funny part is that very few of these reactionaries have read both the State Capture report and the VBS Heist Report. If you react based on Stellenbosch media headlines you need mental liberation. You are too colonised to think clearly.
After all, this whole fiasco currently playing out amongst factions of black politicians, they will call for unity and whites will be long gone with land and the resilient chase will ensue. When whites are caught, Codesa, TRC will be formed and factions will follow. Politics is a rat race.
Political killings are still coming. There are many political parties who are still going mourn because that is the whole point of divide and rule. Misinform them through racist media and cook up reports using sellouts like Thuli Madonsela until they are up in arms against one another.
“Zuma and Shivambu stole from the poorest” says dunderheads who think they are too “rich”, therefore call their own people “poorest”. These people have never read a single report. All they do is react to headlines from Stellenbosch media with clumsy content and no context.
One comrade has summed it all up by saying the constitution was designed to fail black people. I couldn’t agree more. The omunye phez’komunye fiasco we see between black politicians is the Madiba Legacy. These are the results you get when politics are chosen before the land.
There’s something big brewing undercover in South Africa hence you all are kept distracted through Guptas, Zuma and Malema. You are fighting over petty issues while your country is being invaded by an enemy that no media will report.
  • Lungisa is a mayoral committee member in the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan council