It goes without saying that the world of cricket is becoming and more and more competitive and challenging with the passage of each day. We see new records being set, and we see new records being made every time two good teams collide. This has given a lot of impetus to new cricketers in the making. Additionally, it acts as a great asset from sports enthusiasts to come together and enjoy a fine game of skill and grit. In the past ten years, the face of cricket has changed manifolds. Today we are taking a look at some of the most recognized and acknowledged cricketers from all over the world.

Virat Kohli
The skipper of the Indian squad needs no introduction. Virat Kohli is a man with fierce passion for the game and that is well complimented by and even more power-packed performance skills. Kohli has risen to every occasion in his career so far. With his exceptional batting and fielding skills, Virat Kohli has attained the title of ‘Cricket Maestro’ (conferred to him by Anil Kumble. Kohli has scored 19 centuries in just 134 match, which is way ahead of all the cricketing legends. We hope to see much more from Virat in the days to come.

Hashim Amla
Hashim Amla comes with a class that is rather a rare phenomena to witness in cricket these days. His perfect amalgamation of tactful thinking and exceptional skill of the bat. Amla has very often proven to be a very good fielder, beside his act as a batman. With a strike rate of 90, he has scored a massive 4321 runs in just 88 matches. Hashim Amla bags the second position of the top batsmen of the world due to a very exclusive talent, and very often the man to carry victory home for the South African cricket team.

AB de Villiers
We are talking about the man who knows no boundaries and comes to the field with a seamless source of skills. AB is the closest personification of a cricketing jack of all traits in present times. He is a gigantic figure of 6543 runs in 162 ODIs so far. This explains is very valid and die-hard fan following. His innovative style of batting has earned him a supreme average of 49.98. This he has done with the help of 17 centuries and 37 half-centuries. All this and the fielding that has his opposition on their feet at all times. Quite a treat, isn’t it?

M S Dhoni
Mr. Dependable for the Indian cricket team and the team’s former skipper, MSD is all about power and energy when he’s on the field. Known for his cheetah skills behind the wickets, Dhoni is also packed with a lot of firepowers. Considered to be the best finishers of all times, Dhoni has a dominating strike rate of 89 across 200 ODIs. What further strengthens his case is a powerful average of 51.45.

Kumar Sangakkara
The Sri Lankan legend is one of the most sought after cricketers ever. The man has about 13,000 runs to his credit. Not just this, Sangakkara comes with an average of 40.39 and a strike rate of 77.61.