Zuma comes out swinging in fraud and corruption case


Ayanda Mdluli

JOHANNESBURG- Former president Jacob Zuma has dared his detractors to continue talking about him in public, threatening to expose the dirty laundry of other politicians who act innocent yet have been involved in fraud and corruption since the ANC took power in 1994.

Speaking to his supporters after his fraud and corruption case was postponed to the July 27 at the Durban High Court, Zuma said: “Stop talking about me. Those who want to talk about me I want them to know that I have a problem with them. Stop talking about me in your organisation and stop making me an agenda in your meetings. When they are done they call newspapers to talk about me.”

Zuma appeared briefly in court, where he was greeted by a crowd of supporters, many of them dressed in ANC regalia.

He is named as accused number one on the indictment sheet. Currently, Zuma faces one count of racketeering, two counts of corruption, one count of money laundering and 12 counts of fraud in a case that goes back to a R45 billion arms-deal that took place in 1999.

Reports suggest that accused number two, known as Thales, an arms manufacturer is also facing one count of racketeering, two counts of corruption and one count of money laundering.

“We will see where this case will get. I’m charged because I was one of those who were involved in the arms deal. They said I did something. I also want to hear how I was involved because it was a national government project at the time and I was just a MEC in KwaZulu-Natal. It gives me strength and hope that people in SA still believe in the rule of law. My supporters have come to show their respect to make sure that justice is served…I just saw that I am being persecuted for nothing. People I do not even know speak about Zuma. The law says you are innocent until proven guilty. It’s up to the courts to say if I am guilty or not,” said Zuma.

Taking a swipe at his enemies, Zuma said he did not want to expose other politicians because respected his position as the president.

I, However, since he is now a citizen he can say whatever he wants, and those who accuse him of wrongdoing will certainly feel the wrath of his fury.

“If they say they know things about me I know things about them as well. They must not make themselves look nice about me. I will defend myself. I am warning them all. In all these years they have been playing with my name. They say I am corrupt they can’t say what I did. Others I know they are corrupt and I will say their things. They must not think they have a right to talk about me. I am warning them it won’t be nice. If they say I am lying I can’t say anything they will see. I want to repeat this warning. I am tired of being too nice. I sent myself to the struggle. I am man. I can fight, and I can speak for myself. They must not start with me,” said Zuma.