Zondo’s judicial commision of inquiry a recap of Stratcom’s 2017 project


Nkosinathi Mbonani

In a plan similar to that of Julias Ceasar, brainwash the masses, make them hate each other, divide them and rule over them forever! It was Stellenbosch’s best plan since CODESA, but this time the blacks refused to budge.

It was 2017 and London wanted results, the Marikana massacre didn’t help the situation. They needed blood and a knife, it was about 11 months before Nasrec and the man from Nkandla was refusing to go. They had to call in the big guns, Statcom.

Suddenly there was a mushroom of journalists coining themselves Amabungane, their sole purpose? To set the ball in motion to destroy President Jacob Zuma, the executive ensemble, Brian Molefe, Dudu Myeni, Tom Moyane and Hlaudi Motshoeneng. The brief was quickly understood by the Sunday Times and the City Press. “Deploy the same machinery we used on Winnie Mandela, do it fast, we will call it State Capture”.

Following would be breaking news on Gupta emails, no one would be safe, implicate them all.

It was March 2017, Stratcom was now very operational. It told the world that the president owned a 500 million pad in the south of Dubai and that his son was an illegal multi-billionaire. Stratcom took the game higher, alleged a multi-billion dollar nuclear deal facilitated by the president. Created non-traceable emails, draped Myeni, Molefe and Moyane in unprovable corruption. But these blacks fought back, exposing the ‘white rot’ in the state-owned enterprise. The SACP boss, Pravin Gordhan and Derek Hanekom were championing to collapse the head of state, but these blacks fought back.

The country was rocked by the allegations of how a migrant family seized complete control of the state. The blacks became media bacon. They were stripped in the court of public opinion and white media assured South Africa that it’s solution to victory was the ousting of the Zuma. Zuma’s ex-wife had gone through the eye of the needle but had to be stopped, “We can’t let his girlfriend win”.

Now it’s 2018 and the judicial commission of inquiry is ongoing. Not a shred of evidence against Zuma and these blacks has been presented. No evidence of stolen funds, no Dubai house. No Gupta emails, no State Capture and Stratcom continues.

The presiding judge of the inquiry should call on the Sunday Times to present evidence of state capture, as per their publishing. But he won’t, because the rules don’t matter when you judge blacks. Because these blacks are guilty until proven innocent.

As the millions of tax-payers funds spill for no gain, the attention is moved from a UDF cabal who is now in charge of selling the country to the highest bidder. When the mist of Zondo’s talk show clears, state-owned enterprises will be privatised and South Africa will have returned to her former bondage.

I have written to the commission to appeal that I two colleagues appear to provide an academic thesis on State Capture in South Africa since 1994 starting with Advocate Paul Hoffman’s CIEX report.

I have worked with advocate Hoffman, and I know of how advocate Thuli Madonsela was instructed to ignore the CIEX report. It is Julias Nyerere that said ‘What fox gives an account at the charge of the hen?’