Zondo’s desperation is now an embarrassment


By: Kenny Kunene

Zondo Commission is nothing but a tool to humiliate and bring down President Zuma

There have been serious questions raised about the Zondo Commission into State Capture, with many people suggesting that it is a tool used to fight political battles. Recent events have convinced me beyond any reasonable doubt that this so-called commission has been established with one agenda, to nail former President Jacob Zuma.

After all how does one explain the sinister agenda of the Sunday Times, which by the way, by its own admission has previously been used to fight the ANC’s factional battles? To my disbelief, I was called by who identified himself as a journalist from The Sunday Times who identified himself as Mawande Mvumvu, who wanted my response on what he claimed were documents from the Zondo commission that were sent to various banks regarding my financial records and those of companies that I own.

It’s outrageous that neither Zondo Commission nor the banks have contacted me pertaining to an investigation into my financial statements and those of the companies I own, yet a journalist is in possession of this confidential and sensitive information before the Zondo Commission and the banks have contacted me. I have not been implicated in any wrongdoing nor have I been served with a notice to that effect by the investigators as it has happened with those being investigated by the Zondo Commission.

I know of people who have taken legal action against the Zondo commission for violating their constitutional rights and also breaching legal processes in their investigations. I’m also aware that the courts have ruled in favour of some of these individuals. In some of these judgements, the courts have strongly reprimanded the Commission and its investigators. If the courts can be so damning in their ruling against a commission led by Deputy Chief justice, how are we supposed to have confidence in the judiciary, which Zondo is leading?

We all know that Zondo harbours ambition to be the next Chief Justice. It will be a sad day if a man of questionable moral and legal standing becomes a custodian of our justice system and our constitution. These questions that were sent to me, raise serious questions about the agenda of The Sunday Times and that of the Zondo Commission. If Zondo, his so called investigators, their handlers and the Sunday Times were worth their salt and not agenda-driven, they would know that I have never done business with government.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo speaks during the start of the commission of inquiry probing state capture in Johannesburg

There have been rumours and perceptions that this so-called commission is nothing but a tool to fight political battles. The Sunday Times’ questions, especially one in which they allege that I’ve been collecting money for politicians justifies these perceptions. For the record, I have never been an “ice boy” for any politician. This is not the first time that state machinery has been used against me. It’s hypocrisy of the worst kind that those who accused President Zuma of using state machinery against his political foes are the ones doing the same thing under the so-called new dawn. I am aware that these same questions the Sunday Times sent me have also been sent to President Zuma’s children and they have been sent to me because I am perceived as one of his children by white monopoly capital, which the Sunday times owes it’s existence and loyalty to.

The Sunday Times and its white-owned media partners are correct on this one. I am unapologetically President Zuma’s child. I will take white owned media and Zondo seriously the day they send questions of a similar nature to Bidvest, white owned law firms, white owned auditing firms and all white owned businesses that have been parasitic and ruthless in milking the state at the expense of the majority of black South Africans who live under grinding poverty. These questions that the Sunday Times has sent to me linking me to state capture, have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the Zondo Commission is an embarrassing circus to all who have eyes to see.

The timing of these question is also very suspicious. They are sent at a time during which a political party, Patriotic Alliance (PA) Ied by my brother Gayton McKenzie, is making serious inroads in the political space. Just this week, a highly influential councillor in Eldorado Park left the DA to join the PA and more are to follow suit, including community leaders who are members of the ANC.

McKenzie has also been sent these nonsensical questions. One wonders whether The Sunday Times and Zondo are not being used to destroy a political party that is making serious impact and to destabilize it ahead of crucial upcoming by-election and 2021 local government elections.

I am not aware of any questions from Sunday Times to Zondo about the child he has with President Zuma’s relative and whether he declared this blatant conflict of interest.

By the way Zondo has never thanked His Excellency, Honourable President Zuma when he advised him (Zondo) that it was not right to have his (Zondo) one child attending a private school while another one was attending at a public school. President Zuma offered to pay the private school fees for the child attending public school so that that Zondo child could have access to quality education, which is President Zuma’s vision for every poor African child.

Can Zondo and his handlers muster the courage to stop all the nonsense and call this commission what it exactly is – the Zuma Commission.