Zizi Kodwa insulted every MK veteran, MK never stood for wanton violence and looting – Kebby Maphatsoe


Staff Reporter

The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has written to the National Office Bearers of the African National Congress (ANC) to register their outrage at the comments that have been made by comrade Zizi Kodwa, NEC member and Deputy Minister of Intelligence, to the effect that members of MKMVA are involved in orchestrating the tragic wave of violence and looting that is causing so much harm in our country.

MKMVA President, Kebby Maphatsoe said: “We are outraged by the statement of comrade Kodwa that the looting and violence is consistent with the modus operandi of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). Only a total ignoramus, with no understanding of our long liberation struggle history and the role that MK played in it, can make such an outrageous and callous statement”.

“In having done so, comrade Kodwa insulted every MK veteran. The courageous, and central role that MK played in the fight against apartheid, may never be besmirched like this. MK never stood for wanton violence and looting”.

Maphatsoe added: “It adds insult to injury that comrade Kodwa saw it fit to make such an outrageous statement in this year when we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the formation of MK on the 16th of December 1961”.

“For the sake of putting the record straight. MKMVA warned that the arrest and imprisonment of President Jacob Zuma would be an ill-conceived decision, and that it could lead to instability in our country. When doing so we made it crystal clear that we are not in support of any instability or violence. We issued this warning as responsible citizens because we wanted it to be stopped”.

“You, as the National Office Bearers of the ANC, know that we wrote several times to you, raising our concerns. It is totally disingenuous and dishonest to turn such a genuine and well-meant warning into an allegation that members of MKMVA may in any way whatsoever be involved in the tragic violence and looting that is now shaking our country. This is dishonesty, and scapegoating of the worst kind.”

MKMVA President said they request that the ANC National Office Bearers and ANC NEC to reprimand comrade Kodwa for his irresponsible utterances, and distance yourselves from such unbecoming conduct.

“We expect from comrade Kodwa to publicly retract his entirely unfounded statement, and to apologize to the whole community of MK veterans. Under the circumstances nothing less will suffice”, Maphatsoe said.