WATCH: let’s go back to 27 April, 1994


On 27 April, 1994, South Africa held its first ever democratic election. It is a day that is remembered as the symbol of our freedom, even though some are asking recently whether the day actually marked the beginning of true freedom, as although the majority has political power, economic power rests largely in entrenched enclaves of monopoly capital.

However, it was a momentous day. A day where black people stood in queues to make their voices heard, on the shoulders of the blood and lives and struggle of thousands of freedom fighters and every day citizens. The African National Congress walked away with a dominant victory, and it was a day of happiness and celebration that will forever be remembered fondly.

Below are a series of videos looking at the day, the announcement of the results and the terrible violence that preceded the day, including the violence outside Shell House. Let’s take a moment to go back in time and appreciate what the day means.

From the actual day itself, we have found various short videos that chronicle the voting, the violence preceding the day and even a debate between Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk, where the former tells the country that De Klerk is not telling the truth about police fomenting the violence.

Happy Freedom Day, South Africa. May we never forget, and never end our struggle for a truly free, equal and just South Africa.

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South Africa’s President-elect Nelson Mandela raises a toast at the African National Congress (ANC) following the announcement that his party had won the first free South African Presidential elections in Johannesburg May 2, 1994. REUTERS/Peter Andrews (SOUTH AFRICA – Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)