This fight back is to weaken the ANC now in the run up to the elections as well as thereafter, says Nzimande


JOHANNESBURG, January 7 – The fight-back campaign against attempts to root out corruption and state capture is partly aimed at weakening the African National Congress’s ability to regain the superior morality and to fight corruption, South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said on Sunday.

“There is now emerging a bold, if not reckless, fight against attempts at renewal and forging unity in our movement, including attempts to defeat state capture,” he said in Johannesburg at the commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the death of SACP leader Joe Slovo.

“This is a fight fought by the same elements that have been at the centre of the parasitic networks and state capture. Part of this fight back is to weaken the ANC both now in the run-up to the elections as well as thereafter so that it is unable to stamp its authority to regain the superior morality of our movement and to fight corruption.”

Some of these planned smaller splinter parties and initiatives to contest the 2019 elections from some of those associated with the ANC was nothing else but an attempt to produce a weakened ANC and the ANC, SACP, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), and South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) alliance after the elections, Nzimande said.

“They hope for an ANC and alliance that would be held at ransom and unable to fight and defeat the parasitic networks. Our task as the working class is to fight and defeat this fight back, and that is why it is of utmost importance to unite all the progressive forces inside and outside our movement to defeat the parasitic networks.

“That is why it is important to welcome and support the initiatives led by President [Cyril] Ramaphosa to clean state-owned enterprises and other state organs like SARS [South African Revenue Service] as part of defending the gains of the first phase of our democratic revolution – thus laying a basis to drive its second more radical phase. Part of fighting the fight back is to expose the creation and role of rogue intelligence activities associated with the state capture agenda,” he said.

The decision of parliament’s standing committee on intelligence that all rogue intelligence activities be fully investigated was to be supported. Those who were involved, including at the highest possible levels, should be exposed.

This year, a report of the high-level review panel appointed by Ramaphosa in June 2018 to assess the mandate, capacity, and organisational integrity of the State Security Agency (SSA) was expected to be released.

“The work of the high-level review panel must lay the basis for digging all the rot in the SSA and for firm action to be taken against abuse of this state organ. All rogue intelligence activities must be exposed and decisively uprooted from the SSA,” Nzimande said.

On the reconfiguration of the alliance and a resounding ANC electoral victory in this year’s general elections, he said, “We must all be clear that unless the movement purposely acts to unite itself, we would not be able to drive a second, more radical phase of our democratic revolution. Of even fundamental importance is the need to unite and strengthen the alliance.

“However, the alliance cannot be strengthened unless it is reconfigured to deal with all the regressive tendencies in our movement, effectively fight and defeat the fight-back campaign, and selflessly serve our people wholeheartedly,” Nzimande said.

– African News Agency (ANA)