Talk of a fightback plan is hypnotised cabal hogwash


By: Floyd Shivambu

We normally don’t dignify less intelligent hogwash by paid journalists because, in many instances, such amounts to wrestling in the mud, and at that, they are experts.

One Adriaan Basson of News24 wrote hogwash about an imaginary fightback plan, which he nauseatingly claims included the EFF, Jacob Zuma, Ace Magashule and Sunday Independent investigative journalists.

He’s evidently taking the script from Pravin Gordhan, the cabal’s godfather, who came with so-called connecting the dots and fightback mantra without any substance.

When the state capture commission of inquiry presented Gordhan with an opportunity to expose the R50 billion to R100bn he says was lost due to state capture, he waffled and kept on repeating the connect-the-dots nonsense. We all want former president Zuma and the Guptas to be held accountable and tried for corruption, but can someone present hardcore evidence of the stolen R100bn. There is no doubt that there was political wrongdoing on the part of Zuma, who had given one family too much power.

The EFF single-handedly conscientised society about the Gupta criminal syndicate, and can safely state that were it not for the EFF, the Guptas would still be in charge today. Fighting against the Zuma and Gupta network does not, however, entail that we are friends with Ramaphosa, Gordhan and the white capitalist establishment.

The EFF supported the Zuma Must Fall and Guptas Must Go movement; we started it and our major opponents were Ramaphosa and Gordhan, who only joined us when their political deployments were undermined by Zuma. We are not some ANC gangsters who must automatically be associated with one side of the gang because we are exposing corruption and wrong-doing of the other.

We will not tiptoe around Gordhan, his cabal, rogue unit and a hypnotised band of so-called journalists.

The EFF stands on the side of the people and consistently rejects political leaders who are in the pockets of unelected capitalist factions.

If Ramaphosa dances to the tune of those who gave him millions of rand to buy the ANC conference, we will certainly oppose him with double the vitriol we demonstrated against Zuma.

We stand for the truth and the truth is that Gordhan and the white monopoly capitalist faction is rising to consolidate its tentacles in state-owned companies. They are adding to the confusion and directionlessness of SOEs, so that they can privatise them for personal benefit. This faction controls the media, irregularly uses some law firms for nefarious purposes and have private intelligence capacity to spy, with the intention of persecuting opponents.

Here are the facts:

* There is a rogue unit, an illegally established intelligence unit controlled by Gordhan, Ivan Pillay, Johan van Loggerenberg and used to spy against opponents of the cabal.

* The intelligence equipment that was bought for purposes of illegally gathering information is in the hands of private individuals and that forms part of the reasons we asked the public protector to investigate a case that was more than two years old.

* Gordhan and/or his associates have a bank account in Canada. We have opened a case about this, wrote to the FIC to report the case, and the FIC has referred their investigation outcome to the Hawks.

* A larger section of the media has been subjected and hypnotised under the narrative of the cabal, and the journalists they are bastardising are those who stood for the truth and refused to withdraw the factual stories about Sars and Cator Manor.

* All Tiso Blackstar titles: News24 and e-Media, and Daily Maverick platforms are extensions of the cabal, and will do everything in their power to criminalise those who oppose Gordhan and Ramaphosa.

* The hundreds of millions given to Ramaphosa by the capitalist establishment happened with his full knowledge and co-operation.

* The manner in which money was moved around amounts to money laundering, and if the NPA was not led by the cabal, there would be prosecutorial consequences. All recipients of the donations, including Ramaphosa and all the factionalists, did not disclose these money movements to Sars. The public representatives who benefited also did not declare the amounts.

In the same way we defeated the Zuma/Gupta faction, we will defeat the Ramaphosa/Gordhan faction.

Zuma’s attitude of “till death do us part” to the Guptas will be what will bring Ramaphosa down if he adopts the same attitude and approach to Gordhan and white monopoly capitalist interests. There’s absolutely nothing, not biased media, not the apartheid divide and rule tactics, not illegal intelligence, not anything that will defeat the will of the people.

The current political establishment does not represent the will of the people, but the will of capitalists who illegally bought the ANC conference.

* Floyd Shivambu is EFF Deputy President.