Stop treating women as toys, Ramaphosa tells men as he visits Mrwetyana family


EAST LONDON, September 6 – President Cyril Ramphosa has called for a national effort to change the psyche of men in South Africa as he visited the family of slain University of Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana in East London on Friday.

“The moral fibre of our nation is now at a point where men must take responsibility for the manner in which we treat the women of our country,” Ramaphosa said while sitting in the living room of the Mrweryana home with her family fellow political leaders and faith-based leaders.

“Women should no longer be treated as toys, women should no longer be treated as objects that men want to kick around, want to rape and also want to kill. This must now be stopped.”

Ramaphosa personally offered his condolences to the 19-year-old’s relatives, also thanking the family for allowing people to use her name and image to mobilise people in the country to take action.

He called for a bigger national project to stamp out the scourge of the rape and killing of girls and women.

“We also have to start a much broader campaign which will encompass and involve a lot of our people so that the psyche of our nation, particularly the psyche of men must now be changed in the way that men relate to women, in the way that men relate to young women and girls.”

– African News Agency (ANA)