Shack fire leaves one dead and scores homeless in the Western Cape


Zodidi Mhlana

One person died and more than 50 others were left homeless after a shack fire occurred in Paarl in the Western Cape on Sunday morning.


“Children are destitute. People are trying to salvage whatever that they can at this stage. Those affected have lost everything, it’s very devastating. At this stage, there are no arrangements for housing now, everyone is out in the streets,” Mary Liebenberg from the Patriotic Alliance in the Western Cape said.

A 25 year – old mother of three died while in hospital. Africa News24-7 spoke to a resident who was left homeless after the fire. “I was at my sister’s house when the fire took place. I lost everything including presents I had bought for Christmas for my children. I work at Shoprite and I don’t know how am I going to work on Monday,”

some of the flats in Paarl destroyed by  fire

Liebenberg said that the organisation has been distributing food to the affected families. “When I arrived here, nobody was helping the victims. We are providing people with meals now,” she said.

The fire started in the early hours of the morning and it is not clear what caused it.