SA’s water challenges a risk to growth and development


CAPE TOWN, February 14 – Challenges around water management in South Africa were already significant and the resource’s scarcity was the biggest risk to South Africa’s growth and development.

This is according to Trevor Balzer, the national department of water and sanitation (DWS) deputy director-general for strategic emergency projects, during a presentation on Wetlands at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens recently.

Balzer said South Africa’s water scarcity could get rapidly worse as supply contracts and demand escalates due to population growth, urbanisation, unsustainable use, water losses and a decrease in rainfall due to climate change.

Touching on DWS’s National Water and Sanitation Master Plan 2030, Balzer pointed out that the water scarcity in Cape Town demanded that “we should now start to do things differently to protect our ecological systems”.

He added: “If we do that, we will be able to re-invent our river systems which we have damaged.”

– African News Agency (ANA)